How to Prevent iPhoto From Loading on the iPhone When Syncing to iTunes

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Blocked Calls

For many people plugging your iPhone into your computer can be quite an ordeal. If the iTunes sync and updates weren’t trouble enough iPhoto insists on opening up. This can make the whole process take longer than you need, especially when a quick sync is all you need to listen to the new Roots album on the subway. This is especially true since most the time very few people want to sync their photos from their iPhone to their computer on a regular basis. There is an easy way to correct the error that forces iPhoto every time your iPhone makes a computer appearance.

Camera Connect

This problem really only occurs on Macs, which come complete with iPhoto on automatic open. The reason this problem occurs is that the Mac reads the iPhone as a camera. The computer is set to open up its standard photo application, which is iPhoto, every time a camera is plugged in. To change this you simply remove a standard program that is opened during this action. This will also affect what happens when you plug in a digital camera.

Shutting Off Auto-iPhoto

Go into Applications on your Mac and choose Image Capture. Select the Image Capture text link and then choose Preferences. In this area, you will see a pull down menu that says “When a camera is connected, open…” From this pull down menu you choose No Application. Once you get out of Image Capture the setting will be saved and iPhoto will not open up during standard iPhone connection and sync.


If you do stop iPhoto from opening up automatically you are going to have to pull photos off your iPhone manually. For newer users this can be a little bit complicated, but really you can just open iPhoto any time that you want to actually remove your photos from the phone. This is not usually a great option to get pictures from your computer onto your phone. This is best done just by selecting the iPhone from the left hand panel in iTunes and then selecting the Photos tab. Here you can set a folder to sync from on your computer and set it to sync photos onto your iPhone during every connection.