Using the Notes Application on Your iPhone

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Hidden and Forgotten

One of the more underused applications that come built in on the iPhone is Notes. This function comes on the opening page of your desktop and seems to intimidate people because it requires them to use the keyboard function. People hardly know about the depth of functionality that Notes offers, including things like emailing text files directly from your iPhone. Here are a few tips to help those just trying to extend their use of their iPhone.

Starting Screens

The base screen, as it is considered, is one that lists every note that you have saved. If you want to go back to this base screen when working on a document you can just press the Notes button in the upper left hand corner. If you do this, it will save your text document immediately with the time of the last document alteration.

You can then go back into it and alter or add to the document, which will automatically be saved once returning to the base menu or exiting Notes. If you want to open a new Notes document you can just press the “+” button to add a new document.

Document Functionality

When you want to begin working on the text document, all you have to do is touch the screen quickly so the keyboard will appear. From here, you can use the general keyboard functions, including all of the special characters and normal occurrences from text messaging.

If you want to just move from one note to another while staying in the document you can just use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen to shuffle up or down on your saved document list. This is a good way to work on several notes in a much quicker period of time. Along with those is a trash button to quickly delete your note, which is necessary if you plan on toggling between several notes.

Correct Usage

To use Notes effectively you have to write within the context that Notes truly supports. This means things like short text communications, lists and to do reminders. Do not try to use this as a word processing application as it will really become frustrating, especially since you cannot turn the iPhone sideways to change the perspective in Notes.

Emailing Notes

If you want to send your note as an email, you start by just pressing the envelope icon in the bottom of the screen next to the trash symbol. This then opens up an email sending option that does not connect with your own personal email account. This is a great advantage because it does not force you to go through the awkward and lengthy process of logging into your email via your iPhone. Here you can just add the email address and subject so the text will be sent in the body of the email.