How to Use the iPhone Clock Feature: A Quick Tutorial

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Clocking In

It might seem some how obvious, but the clock is an essential part of the iPhone. Without it scheduling, applications, and your general interaction can be compromised greatly. Here are a few basic ways to deal with the clock so that you avoid problems.

World Clock

The clock itself is actually four different functions put into one. The World Clock is for checking and comparing different times from around the globe, the Alarm is what you would expect from a standard clock alarm, and the same is true of Stop Watch and Timer.

World Clock requires you to add different locations so that you can check their times in comparison. To do this you have to hit the “+” in the upper right hand corner of the World Clock screen. The best way to do this is to pick the top five international locations that you have some stake in and keep them up, but do not have two locations from the same time code because that will be a waste of space. Once you do add all the locations you want you will have a nice list that tells you the city, date, and time in both digital and traditional clock formats.


To set an Alarm in the alarm section you go about it in a similar way to adding a location in the World Clock. Hit the “+” button in the upper right hand corner and you can then set a new alarm. Here you can set the specific time as well as things like the sound, whether or not it is repeated, and if you can have snooze on. Once you do this, you will then have an alarm icon on a list similar to the one of locations in the World Clock, each one having an On/Off switch in case you want to change its status. It will then disappear once the time of the alarm has passed.

Stop Watch and Timer

The Stop Watch feature is probably the most basic part of the clock function. Here you really only have two options: start and reset. Once you hit start, it will continue to go until you hit stop, which is where start was. This will continue even after you close out of the clock application. The timer has a similar process but different function. You set the how long you want the timer to work for and then an audio track will play when it does. This is similar to any timer you would use, such as during cooking.