Quick iPhone Keyboard Tips

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The touch screen is a major development in mobile technology because it gives more control to the user over the actions taking place in their phone. Instead of directing things with arrows and using a series of symbolic gestures to enter commands you have a direct thought to touch connection with your phone. Though this step forward is monumental, there are some problems that arise both with the limitations of the design and innovation as well as lack of background with this format. One of the most difficult parts of the iPhone for new users is the keyboard, which is wildly different from conventional cell phones.

Making it Larger

The keyboard itself is very small when it appears. This only occurs when you press onto an area where you can type, such as an address bar in Safari or an internet search function. To avoid the small keyboard you can try using the phone horizontally, but turning it horizontal before pressing into the area where you want to type. Wait until the page re-adjusts to the horizontal view before you press, and this way the keyboard will be much larger than normal for either horizontal or vertical view.


It may seem counter-intuitive to use CAPS LOCK at any point when using your iPhone, but it can happen at times. If you hold down on the shift key, it will stay in shift mode and all of your letters will be in caps. You can also enable normal CAPS LOCK on the iPhone in the keyboard menu. Go to the Settings menu and then to the General section. From here select Keyboard, and then you will be given options such as putting on Auto-Capitalization. This is also where you would remove the Auto-Correction, which is bothersome to many users.

Special Characters

You may also have troubles getting special characters that are not available on regular key pages on your phone, such as accented letters. To find these just pick a key that will somehow coordinate to your needs, such as an A if you are looking for an accented A, and then hold it down. Often times a little menu will come up with even more options.