Tips for Phone Calls on the iPhone

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Different Devices

The iPhone has proven itself to be more than just a regular phone, but the phone mechanism is still what makes it the all encompassing device. Even though this is true, the iPhone calling features are difficult for some to work with. It has a much different interface than most phones, uses a touch screen and motion sensors, and many people can have trouble with it being less than responsive. Here are a few ways to deal with its unique calling section.

Case Problems

There are a number of different iPhone cases available on the market right now to protect its sensitive body and touch screen from possible trauma. While these may be important if you tend to be clumsy with your iPhone, they often disrupt the motion sensors. They end up making the motion of the phone difficult to read, and therefore the phone is not always responsive to its normal motion behavior.

For example, when you are on the phone the screen blacks out to save battery life. You still may need to use the key pad as with an automatic call line or would like to end the call. Normally you just pull the phone away from your face and then the screen becomes active again. If you have a case on the phone this may not happen, and then you have to turn the phone off and on again using the sleep button. Try to find a case that does not do this and if you are using one that does remove it when you have to call numbers with automated lines requiring you to use the touch pad.

Touching the Touch Screen

Though the screen blacks out while you’re on the phone, any contact with the touch screen for a second or more will reactivate it. This can be a problem when your face is resting up against the phone when talking. You can end up pressing buttons on the keypad or hitting the mute button, which will cut off sound to the other party. Try to keep the iPhone just a half and inch away from your face so you do not end up disturbing the phone call by hitting the keypad.

Conference Calls

The iPhone has a relatively good feature for making conference calls, which puts it above par for most cellular phones. First, make a phone call to a specified number and wait for them to answer. Once they do, go back to your phone call options where there are buttons like Mute, Keypad, and Add Call. Hit the Add Call button and then select a number from your contacts or dial one in the keypad. From here, you can call another number, and once that second number answers it will put the first one on hold. Now when you look at the call options like you did the first time instead of the Add Call button there will be a Merge Calls button. Select this Merge Calls button and it will become one connected conference call.

Speaker Phone

The iPhone has an above average speaker phone, but you still need to consider ways to take advantage of it. Try using it from a quiet location that does not have a lot of echo and so there is no barrier between you and the phone.