Tips for Dealing With the iPhone's Text Auto-Correct Feature

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Correct Me If I’m Wrong

The auto-correct function within the typing on your iPhone can be equally parts useful and frustrating. It often takes major leaps with assumptions about what you are writing and it can be somewhat annoying when you get to the end of a word and the auto-correction comes in and changes it. This begins to affect how and what you write, especially in text messages. There are a few simple ways to adjust auto-corrections so you will get the words you need to be in there appropriately.

Book Learnin'

The first thing to remember is that the iPhone tends to learn a thing or two once you teach it. If you repeatedly write the same word over a period of time and continually reject the auto-correct suggestion the iPhone begins to learn that this word was intentional. After doing this several times you will begin to see that the autocorrect automatically accepts the word as it is and does not offer correction suggestions.


Some words, such as slang or swear words, are not easily accepted by the auto-correct function. Though you may be able to teach the auto-correction feature, this may take longer than you want. One way to do this is to create a fake contact in your phone containing all of the unaccepted words that you would like to use. Autocorrect automatically enters words from your contact list into its general library.


One tip to bypass the auto-correct function entirely is to use the letter Z at the end of you message. Start off by putting in the letter Z and then move back in front of it and begin typing your message. The auto-correct function will have a tough time reading anything with the Z on the end. This does not work in every situation, but definitely on short messages.

On/Off Switch

If you are finding the auto-correct function just too bothersome to use you can turn it off easily. Go into the Settings icon and select General Settings. Go to Keyboard, and when you open it up you will end up seeing on and off switches for Auto-Correction, Auto-Capitalization, Enable Caps Lock, and “.” Shortcut. Then turn the switch to the OFF setting.

Use It

The best option is to just get used to auto-correction because it will end up making text messaging even faster. Try keeping your eye out while typing and the second you see the suggestion bubble turn to your intended word you can just press the Space bar and the word will appear.