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Emailing From Your iPhone

The use of email as a real time function is one of the best parts of the iPhone. Now you can integrate email as a communication that is just as relevant as text messaging or conventional phone calls. Here are a few quick tips for using the email function on your phone.


It is not very obvious how to mark messages as unread when working in the program, but it is fairly easy. When in the standard view for reading the message hit the Details button. From here select Mark as Unread. Now the unread blue circle will stay outside the email on the list of available messages.

Major Email Accounts

One of the first things you are likely going to want to do before you sync your email account to your iPhone is to get one of the major ones that it supports. Though it says that it will support others there are major problems with this. That is, unless it is one of the major ones that you will see listed when you first start to set up an account. The easiest of all of these is Gmail, so keep that in mind.

Outgoing Message

If you have an interruption in the middle of trying to send a message, it has not disappeared completely. It will instead go into a temporary folder in the Outgoing message section. This is a great feature because Wi-Fi and even 3G connections have interference at times with your iPhone.

Faster, Faster

There are a couple ways to make the email load up faster, and they tend to include limiting the download process. If you go into the Settings tab and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars you will be able to make some of these changes. Under the Mail section of this display, the top setting is for Show. Usually it lists 50 Recent Messages, which means that it automatically shows the fifty most recent messages. Select this and choose 25 Recent Messages instead. Directly below the Show option is the Preview one, which is automatically at showing two lines of the message. Open this and change the setting to None. Both of these will end up making the whole email process faster.

Push and Pull

Though the email function is a legitimate part of communicating with your phone, people often get more email messages than any other kind. The constant alerts about this can get annoying. You can do a couple things about this. You can simply turn off the alert sound by going to Settings and then Sounds. Go to the New Mail option and turn it off. You can have the phone also check for new email messages less often. To do this you also go to Settings and go to Fetch New Data. It can be set at fifteen minute, thirty minute, or hourly internals. Instead of this, you can set it to Manual and you have to select to see if you have new emails.

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