The 3 Best News Apps for the iPhone

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And the Winner is…

With the iPhone becoming increasingly integrated into your everyday activities, if you haven’t already downloaded a mobile news applciation, you’re missing out on one of the iPhone’s greatest features. The ability to consume news anywhere and at anytime is something that no modern man or woman on the go should be without. The best part about the whole thing? The fact that we’ve compiled a list for you of the top three greatest apps for consuming your news on the go. Without further ado, here’s the list:

1. USA Today Application

There is one essential thing to look for in a news app, and that’s lack of bias in the journalistic world. USA Today may not be 100% unbiased, but at the same time, the application is the closest you’re going to get. The USA Today news app is uncomplicated, updates extremely quickly, and manages to contain everything you could ever want from a news application. Furthermore, the actual reports on the USA Today app are extremely easy to read thanks to the uniform type and are more than informative. For the best tech news around, and generally the best and latest headline news stories available, this is the perfect app.

2. AP News Application

If you’ve ever watched CNN, the little ticker at the bottom usually has a small tidbit of a story followed by “- AP”. That AP stands for the Associated Press, one of the fastest groups of journalists to get a story out. With the AP News application, you’ll be able to get the most recent stories “beamed” directly to your cell phone. The AP News app is even simpler than the USA Today app, but manages to be less involved, containing less stories, but having a slightly less cluttered interface. Though both apps are good, the USA Today one clearly stands out.

3. NPR Mobile Application

NPR stands for National Public Radio. Being a reader of this blog, chances are that you’ve come across the NPR in one way or another. Throughout the US, they’re known for their great, informative stories, which are built to be interesting as well as engrossing. With the NPR Mobile App, you’ll be able to listen in to the country’s top NPR programming. My favorite? The NPR news quiz known as “Wait Wait, don’t tell me!” The show is hilarious, and in the 50 minutes or so it’s running, you’ll be able to pick up on several different aspects of the week’s news.

While you clearly have a choice between written news applications, nothing comes remotely close to the NPR broadcasts. All these apps can be found free at the App store, I would highly recommend that you go take a look at them - after all, there’s always something new in the world of news, and you need to stay up-to-date.