How to Set Up Push Notifications on the iPhone

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Pushing It

With the concept of cloud computing floating around everywhere these days, Push notifications are becoming the next big thing. Imagine this: you want to know whether or not there’s a new email waiting for you on the server, but would rather not have to connect to the server every 10 minutes or so. That’s where Push notifications come in, as they use the cloud concept to just pull notifications of new emails rather than the actual new emails themselves from your ISP’s server. The process is rather simple and only involves a quick set up of a Mail2Web account before you can get going with the entire service.

Now, because you’re not a fan of having to spend $100 for the MobileMe Service, here’s the easy and free way:

1. Go here and subscribe for a Mail2Web account

2. Go to your iPhone and click on Settings, then on Mail, Contacts, and Calendars, then add new account, select a Microsoft Exchange account

3. The necessary credentials for your iPhone Exchange account should all be available as a result of your Mail2Web account creation

4. Type in your new credentials on your iPhone - make sure to select SSL: ON

5. Once it is done, it’ll try to sync up with the active exchange server, which is not the one you want, but it’ll only let you select a new server once it’s gone through its initial test

6. Tap “accept” and move on to the the “server” field on the next page, here’s the server you’ll want to enter:

7. This time, the server will verify and everything will work out well

Now that you’ve got your email server set up for the Mail2Web account, you’ll be able to perform the Push notifications I was talking about before. The real problem though, is the fact that you don’t use a Mail2Web account - let’s face it, you just created it. That’s when the last step comes into play:

8. Set up individual email accounts to all forward to the new Mail2Web account

Once you have all your accounts forwarding to the same place, you’ll be able to receive Push notifications from the iPhone based on your forwarded emails. And that’s all there is to it - the emails will show up almost the same way that new text messages will show up, and they work extremely well on the platform.