Keeping Your iMob Health and Wealth High By Knowing What to Avoid

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There are a number of elements to iMob Online that end up being somewhat useless. They are attractive, especially for new members, but in reality they should only be used under certain specific circumstances. To be truly successful it is important to plan out your actions, especially where your money goes. Instead of spending it frivolously you should keep it as a very special commodity that is going to determine your success almost entirely. Here are a few things that you should try to avoid unless it is just absolutely necessary.

The Bank

Putting money in the bank can often be a useless exercise. You can benefit from this because the money in the bank can not be stolen from someone winning a fight against you, but that fight will likely cost you money anyway and just put you into a negative financial placing. Fifteen percent of your money is taken when you put money into the bank, and that can end up being a lot of lost cash flow when you get to the larger dollar amounts. It also restricts what you can take out and does not let you buy weapons or property strait out of the account. Unless you have almost no weapons and are repeatedly attacked there is really no reason to use the bank in iMob Online.

Emergency Room

Likewise, going to the emergency room is not a practical use of money in iMob Online. First it requires you to have money in the bank to pay the bill, which is a drawback if you are not looking to use the bank in the first place. The reality is that you will heal on your own and if you die nothing that important happens. The only inconvenience is that you cannot fight once your hit points have hit a certain low bar. Just wait it out and use your money on something more worthwhile.

Mark for Death

The Mark for Death tool does not get you many places either. This is where you essentially put a very large sum of money out to have someone attack and kill a foe. This does not really benefit you, will cost you a stamina point, and the money involved is far more than is worth it. The only reason to do this is if you have a massive surplus of money and are bored with the normal course of iMob Online.

Low Level

You may want to avoid missions, weapons, and properties that are below you current level. It may seem like a good idea to use your last bit of money and energy points on a cheap task or weapon, but once you get to a certain point in iMob Online these things are not really going to help you much.