iMob Strategy Guide to Calculating the Amount of Weapons to Buy for Different Levels

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iMob Weapon Problems

There has been a lot of confusion around the level development in conjunction with the use of weapons in iMob Online. Many people have been attempting to put themselves in a more advantageous position by holding off on leveling up. They do this by refusing to change levels when the option is first given and then relying on property funds for their money instead of missions, which give you more experience points. In this way they spend their time acquiring more property and weapons than is normal for that level of character, and then fighting other people of that level. Since most people of that level are not holding at that level then they will likely have fewer weapons and financial resources than you and therefore you become more successful. What many of these people are encountering is that once they choose to level up to the appropriate place they begin losing fights because they end up having more weapons than is allowed even at their recently advanced level and it begins redistributing awkwardly.


There is a formula for how weapons and defense items are used in iMob Online. First off each member of your mob is only allowed to have one weapon, one defense item, and one vehicle. This means that if you only have a couple hundred people in your mob there is no reason to start purchasing hundreds of certain weapons.


Along with the mob limitation you are only allowed to use a number of your mob members that is equal to “five times your current level,” according to iMob Online’s tutorial. This can be an awkward calculation, but it does limit people who have stockpiled. Say you have two hundred members in your mob, but you are holding at level ten. This means that only fifty mob members are allowed to fight. If you have 200 shotguns then 150 of them are not going to be used.


This becomes a major problem for people that have several hundred of each weapon because they have little control over which weapons will actually be used. You may have an equal number of sub-machine guns and .22 pistols, but the game may choose to arm everyone with the pistols. This would then put you at a major disadvantage on the iMob Online fighting network.

Plan of Action

The best way to approach these issues is by working on a few things. First, begin adding people to your mob as quickly as possible. This can be done by searching for self advantageous people online who tend to post their friend code everywhere. 118081495. The next thing to focus on is to avoid diversification when it comes to weapons. Purchase as many of the most powerful available weapon, car, or defensive tool, as you can. Once you decide to level up, sell off your entire inventory, and then purchase the most recently added powerful incarnation of each category. Keep your arsenal only to the most important items otherwise you will be on the lower end of the iMob spectrum.