How to Configure Email on the iPhone: A Guide to Setting Up Your Different Email Accounts on the iPhone

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Getting Your Normal Email on Your iPhone

It’s happened before, right? You take your brand new gadget home, start messing around with it, when you suddenly realize that you don’t know how to do one part of the process. Suddenly, you’re stuck there for hours on end, tweaking it one way or another, and finally, you consult the internet. That’s when we step in.

For all you out there who are brand new to the iPhone (or for those who need some help), we’ve gone ahead and compiled the two most popular ways of setting up your email accounts on your iPhone. The process is simpler than you think and will expand the functionality of your phone in ways you couldn’t even imagine before. You’ll be able to send and receive email, as well as archive any emails that you find important. Most interesting is the fact that the iPhone download of your emails will not affect the download of your emails to your computer. Without further ado, here is how to get started setting up your regular email to be received on your iPhone.

How to Set Up the iPhone Up For ISP-Provided Email

Use this guide to set up your email provided by your internet service provider (ones like Road Runner, Comcast, Verizon FiOS, Juno, or CableVision’s Optimum Online) to get delivered to your iPhone and allow emails to be sent using your account.

1. Click on the mail app (I’m assuming you’ve yet to configure anything, if not, go to email settings in the settings app)

2. It’ll ask which type of email account you want to configure, for our purposes select “IMAP/POP

3. Now, you’ll need to type in your user name, password and the like - this information is exactly the same as the information in your email accounts.

4. Next, come the important parts - you’ll need to set up the actual POP and SMTP server names, these can either be found on your PC’s email client in “account settings”, or if not, use this handy list and just find your ISP information.

5. Now that your server information is set up, just leave the port numbers the same (unless your ISP asks that you change them to something else).

6. You’re good to go - click on the email account app and just watch your new emails come pouring in.

Setting Up Your GMail Account on Your iPhone

Here are the steps you can use to properly setup your GMail account on your iPhone;

1. Click on the email app or go to the email settings inside the settings app and click “Add account”

2. Select “Gmail” account when the list of account types comes up

3. Type in your username and information regarding password and what name you’d like the device to send out with your emails

4. Now, the iPhone will check to make sure that this information is correct

5. Assuming all your information is correct, you’ll connect to the Gmail server and have your account ready to go - check for new emails after everything is correct

Following all these steps to the letter will allow you to unlock the full potential of your phone - so enjoy! The iPhone was, after all, meant to be used as an email device along with the other internet functionality.