iPhone Wi-Fi Tips: Renew DHCP Leases, Using Airplane Mode, and How to Fix Weak Connections on Your iPhone 2G, 3G, or 3GS

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WiFi is Always A Better Alternative When Surfing and Downloading

Wi-Fi usually proves itself as the more versatile and useful option for going online with your iPhone. Though the 3G network gets a lot of public attention due to its status as the “it darling” of the moment, for serious browsing and application downloading you need to find an open Wi-Fi network. Here are a few quick tips to help you when using this type of connection.

Airplane Mode

Even when you are set in airplane mode, you can still use Wi-Fi, which is a secret to some people. All you have to do with this is to enable the airplane mode before you actually connect to a network. Though most planes don’t have Wi-Fi access, it is nice when they do.

DHCP Lease

It is common to have problems in areas that have very strong public networks. To help this out you can renew the DHCP lease. First go to Settings and then to Wi-Fi network. Find the network you want to be using and then press More Info next to it. Now that you are in the DCHP area, you need to press the Renew Lease button that is toward the button. This may help the situation.

Default Connection to GPRS, EDGE, or 3G Networks

Sometimes when you think you have connected to a network it turns out that you are just using a cellular data network (GPRS, EDGE or 3G). If this is the case, go into Settings and select Wi-Fi. Go to More Info on the specific network and hit Forget This Network. Now try to connect to it again and see if it is any better.

Fixing the Wireless Network

If you are connecting to your own wireless network there can also be a number of problems, or potential problems, you might address. If you are having trouble with the network or are unable to find it you might want to try unplugging and replugging your wireless router, allowing it to reset. The same can be said for your modem. While doing this you should turn the Wi-Fi off on your IPhone until the devices are back up and running and you can reconnect.

How to Deal with a Bad WiFi Network

Always remember that if you have a bad or weak Wi-Fi signal you can go back to using your GPRS, 3G, or Edge networks which can be faster and more reliable than an on and off WiFi network. After all, that’s why these mobile networks for your iPhone are there!