Ringtones from iTunes - Make Custom Ringtones on Your iPhone

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iPod in Your Phone

One of the great things about having an iPod on your phone is the ability to use regular songs that you already have for ringtones. Unfortunately, this is not as simple as just selecting a file from your library to be a specified ringtone.

Ringtones From iTunes

Go ahead and open iTunes and look through your music library to find the perfect song. Right click the file and go to Get Info. Go to the Options tab and then set the start and stop times so that the total running time is thirty seconds or less. This is important for it to be a regular ringtone. Once you have done this click OK and go back to the regular menu. Right click on the song again and select Create ACC Version. Once you have done this the converted file will be the length of time that you set originally. Go ahead and find the actual file in your iTunes file, which may be buried. Look thoroughly if you do not find it at first because it is going to be there. Make a copy of this file and put it into its own New Folder. From here you are going to need to manually change the audio track’s file extension name to .M4A. This is done simply by selecting the file for renaming and typing in the new extension. Drag and drop this new file copy into iTunes again so it shows up in your audio library. Go ahead and do another sync with your phone and the new file should then go into your phone as a ringtone. Now it will be available in the regular ringtone menu along with all of the ones that came standard.


There can be some problems with this, and if there is go ahead and go through the process again taking special care to follow each step appropriately. If you are having trouble viewing the extension name for the copied file you may want to try changing the view to a format that gives you more options. This can be done both on PC and Mac, but it tends to be somewhat easier on Mac because of the way the operating system lets you view files.