iPhone Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Phone Working as Designed

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New Users

When you first get an iPhone you tend to be extra careful not to damage the seemingly delicate machinery. Though it looks like a strong breeze might crack the touch screen, iPhones are surprisingly resilient. There are still some ways that you could help ensure that you do not shorten its overall life.

No Shake

It is advisable to not shake the phone too dramatically as this can affect the internal circuitry. You will be tempted to workout with it because of its iPod function, but be careful not to toss it around too much. Keep it level when you can.

Avoid Magnets

Very strong magnets can have a negative affect on the phone so those should be kept away. This applies mostly just to major electromagnets, but even small magnets should be kept a little bit away.

Clean Up

Keep the phone clean, especially since lint and dust from your clothing or home may work its way into the phones crevices and internal mechanisms. Try plugging the headphones in and out a few times when you use it. Use a microfiber cloth and a tiny bit of water to get rid of all grime.


Try to reboot your iPhone regularly, mostly because it works similar to a small computer. Once or twice a week should be sufficient. If there are software glitches this should also be the first place you go.

Protective Case

A case may be a good way to protect it from elements and accidents. A rubber outer case is a great way to protect it in case it is dropped, and screen protectors can help the touch screen avoid scratches and dings. Try getting a case that can have multiple functions, such as amplifying photo capabilities.


Take care of your battery because it is not easy to replace it. Try to let the battery run all the way out two times over the course of the month to help extend its overall life.

Avoid the Rain

Try not to use the phone when you are getting a lot of precipitation. Rain and snow are dangerous for the iPhone and if it gets wet, it may not be able to recover.

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