How to Buy Games for the iPhone: A Complete Guide and Tips for Shopping, Buying, and Downloading Games

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Guide to Buying the Best of the Best Games

Games on the iPhone have come a long way since the days that they were simple little web apps that were easily “webclipped” onto the main Springboard interface. Today, iPhone games work off the ARM processor’s ability to render in 3D, unleashing upon the world several fully 3D games that are just waiting to be downloaded at the App Store.

Here’s a few words of caution and tips for buying iPhone games before we begin our journey into the heart of Apple’s App Store.

Games Over $10 Aren’t Worth Your Time

You’ll find a plethora of gaming fun for your iPhone at the iTunes app store, but what you’ll also find are several gaming duds that are being sold at a premium and enjoying good reviews that are spammed on there to get an app up to “popular” status. While the gaming waters were being tested initially, you’d find games that were over $10 in price. Today, any game over $10 is guaranteed to be a dud considering that the people have spoken and $10 is the upper limit for a quickie app purchase off iTunes.

Free Games are Fun, Paid Games are Funner

There’s something magical about the first time you play a tower defense game - you’re addicted from the start and won’t readily let go of that great little game. However, it’s difficult to go back to playing Tap Defense (a free game) once you’ve played Fieldrunners (a paid game). Most apps have a free version on iTunes to see if you like the product that is being offered. While free games are great for those people who are on a budget, I find it hard to believe a regular Joe can’t spring 10 bucks at the most for a great paid game. So don’t waste your days playing TapDefense, invest a little and get Fieldrunners because it’s infinitely better.

Don’t Get a Game You’ve Heard Nothing About

Check the reviews, read the user reviews - do whatever you must to get informed about the game you’re about to download/buy. It’s pointless to waste money on a game you haven’t heard anything about rather than a game you can get informed about - most times, the user reviews are handy, but are nothing compared to online rumors and ramblings. It’s on sites like Brighthub that you’ll find your best sources for up-to-date reviews on these latest iPhone games.

That being said, here’s how you go about getting games on your iPhone.

How to Put Games on Your iPhone Using iTunes with a PC or Mac

1. Turn on iTunes and connect your iPhone to your PC

2. Click on the “iTunes Store” icon/button and wait for it to load

3. Click on the “App Store” icon inside the iTunes Store Browser screen

4. Click on the “Games” icon inside the the App Store

5. Click on the game of your choice to buy it and download it - you’ll need an iTunes account

Downloading Games Using the App Store on Your iPhone

1. Turn on your iPhone and navigate to the screen with the “App Store” button

2. Click on “Categories” and go to “Games” down the list a little

3. From there, change your sorting options

4. Select the game you want to buy it and download it - you’ll need an iTunes account

Enjoy great games like Rolando and SimCity - I guarantee they’ll make for some great times while you’re waiting in line or riding the bus - never suffer through a dull moment with your iPhone ever again.