How to Record and Play Video on Jailbroken iPhones

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Don’t Think You Can Play or Record Videos with Your Jailbroken iPhone?

Jailbreaking your iPhone is quickly becoming one of the most tempting things for users to do. Apple has played on the common person’s ignorance about technology and have created a fear that either the phone will stop working or be disowned by the network all together. For those who are attempting to pioneer into the desert the developments that are happening are making the iPhone comparable to a miniature mobile computer. Now that both computers and phones are employed as full media devices, it is important that they provide full video functions. This extends both to viewing and to recording, both of which have been made much easier recently due to new applications for jailbroken iPhones.

Using iMobile Cinema to Watch Movies

iMobile Cinema is a new application available for the prolific iPhone Firmware 2.2 that uses Adobe Flash features to allow you to watch streaming films right on your phone. This works as a plug in for your Safari internet browser that comes standard and makes it so that videos found on sites using embedding can be viewed easily on your phone. The desktop icon then references Safari, linking to your favorite video embedding websites and allowing you to watch them after fairly quick load times. It does rely on your internet connection, and if you are using a Wi-Fi you are going to have even better luck with your viewing.

QIK for Video Recording

Using your iPhone for everything, including video recording, is the essential reason to jailbreak your phone. QIK is a quality application that allows you to record video easily and prepare it for online streaming. It does this by linking to its website, where you are asked to create a website profile to share your phone work. This is one of the best ways to fully modify your phone and turn it into a miniature video camera.


Until the functionality of the iPhone 3G matches its technology there are going to be people jailbreaking the phone. Both iMobile Cinema and QIK are unique applications that elevate the phone and redefine what you can do on your mobile. Hopefully Apple will take notice of this and eventually begin providing these types of features to all users.