Tickle the Virtual Ivory with FingerPiano

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Learn to Play Mozart Now

Learning piano lessons on your iPhone is a great idea, isn’t it? When I checked the most popular iPhone applications, I found FingerPiano very interesting. This application allows its users to learn and play famous compositions on the little iPhone piano. The piano lessons do not even require you to have any musical knowledge. For beginners, FingerPiano provides both one handed and two handed songs in piano learning. The lessons are simple. The notes do not read musical scores. Instead, they fall over the keys that need to be played. In other words, FingerPiano shows you which keys to press in advance in order to play a particular song. When you tap the keys to play a song, the scrolling bar in your iPhone application advances to show you the next key to press. This keeps the flow of the song going without any break.

FingerPiano is a broader version of MiniPiano. The iPhone application includes 52 classical songs and compositions, including classics from great musicians like Bach, Mozart and Chopin. You can easily play popular classics such as The Entertainer, Joy to the World and Auld Lang Syne.

The FingerPiano application provides its users a full keyboard to play the famous musical scores. The  application’s functions are quite simple - there are four buttons in the top right-hand corner that control your piano lessons. Rewind and fast-forward buttons allow users to move from song to song, while the play button automatically plays the song before you start your lesson. You can press the stop button to immediately stop one song and move on to another.

However, the iPhone application does not provide good sound quality when the keys are pressed repetitively. FingerPiano provides sufficient sound quality only for slow notes, and not fast notes. Whenever a fast note is tried in FingerPiano, the voice quality generally breaks too often, resulting in a poor musical performance by the user. You may want to keep it to only playing the slower classics because of this. The iPhone application is quite fun for anyone wanting to play around on a virtual piano. Those who are interested in learning to play the piano may find FingerPiano a bit helpful when they aren’t next to a piano.