How to Add and Delete Email Accounts on the iPhone

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No Need for Syncing

The iPhone is part of the smart design that allows us to integrate all communications into our single handset. With this technology, our pertinent email accounts should be able to be reached easily without having to go through the lengthy process of using Safari to browse the Internet. This has been made easy with the email icon at the bottom of the screen, making this feature a standard part of the phone’s function along with calls. You can easily add and delete existing email accounts to your phone without using any outside software or a computer.

How to Add Email Accounts

On the opening page of applications go ahead and select the Settings icon. Go down to the third block of options and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars. At the top it will have a place for your accounts. If you do not have any accounts synced to your phone yet then the Add Account option will be all there is. Select that and you will be given a list of major providers of email from throughout the internet. These include Gmail, Yahoo, and Mobile Me. Either select one of these, depending on your service, or hit other if you are using another type of email. From here you will be asked for pertinent information, such as address and password.

This is going to be much more complicated if you are using a different carrier then the major ones that they offer links to. If this is the case you are going to have to have information on both the incoming and outgoing server. Make sure that you have your username, address, and password ready before you begin this process.

Deleting Email Accounts from the iPhone

If you have an account you would like to delete and account that you already have synced to your phone, the process is much easier. Under the Accounts heading in your Mail, Contacts, and Calendar section you select that account. When it switches displays, you simply go to the bottom and hit the large button that says Delete Account. This will clear out the account and when you press the mail button from here on out it will just give you an option to sync an account again.

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