How to Remove Unwanted iPhone Apps Using the Touchpad, iTunes, or by Manually Deleting the Application

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Packing it Full

When you first acquire your iPhone 3G or iPod Touch you may want to fill it up with as many applications that you can find. Though it may seem reasonable to have cooking applications and software that will let you send bulk text messages, you may end up realizing that having ten full pages of applications is more distracting than useful. Not only does it take up the memory of your phone, but it also makes navigating it and finding the useful applications difficult. There are a few simple ways to remove unwanted applications from your iPhone.

Using the Touch Screen to Remove an App

The most simple way is done just by using the touch screen. Find an application that you would like to get rid of and push your finger on it lightly. Hold your finger on it for three seconds, then all the applications will begin shaking and they will have an X in their upper left hand corner. From here you can press on that X and you will be asked if you wan to remove that application. If you just press on the base iPhone “home” button on the bottom center of your phone you can stop the “shaking” of the iPhone apps.

Using iTunes

For many people it is easier to get rid of multiple applications right from your computer. To do this you can plug your iPhone into your computer and open iTunes. Go to the Application section of your iPhone and begin selecting applications for deletion. You can delete some by right clicking on them and selecting that option. Once you have deleted all the applications you want you can then sync your iPhone again and when you go to use it they will have been removed.


It is true that there have been issues with removing some applications that just do not seem to want to leave.The best way to try and remedy this is to delete the application manually from the iPhone and also from iTunes. Remember to actually delete the file and to empty the recycle bin when you are done.

Removing Third Party Apps

If you have jailbroken your iPhone you likely have a number of “third party” applications that were not acquired through the app store. This can be tricky, but the best way to do it is to make sure ahead of time that the install application you are using with your Firmware has an uninstall feature already in place.