How to Maintain the iPhone's Battery Life: 4 Tips to Help Keep Your Battery from Dying Early

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One thing Apple has become infamous for is the implementation of a built-in battery in the iPhone and iPod. This means that when the battery finally passes away you are not just in the market for a new power source, but instead an entirely new piece of hardware requiring a hefty fee. The best way to avoid this is to take special care to extend the life of your internal battery.

Avoiding Heat

The battery itself is a lithium-ion battery designed to be repeatedly recharged. One of the biggest enemies of this type of battery is excessive exposure to hot temperatures. This does not mean you should leave it at home when going for a day in the sun, but try not to leave it in sweltering locations. When it is at home try and keep it in a cool place, not in direct sunlight from a window or near warm appliances in a bathroom or kitchen.

Use Proper Chargers

Only use official Apple chargers. Apple has successfully marketed itself to a point where it has a monopoly on anything to do with Apple central products. Avoid car chargers and after market devices for your phone. Since the phone itself should come with a charger you should be fine, and any iPod charger will do as well.

Don’t Overuse the Battery

Overuse can also drain the battery consistently, wearing it out prematurely. The more devices you have running, the faster your battery will drain. Try shutting down the 3G network, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi when you are not using it. Also try locking it and putting it into sleep mode to lower the consistent battery tap.


It is important to follow other maintenance guidelines to help lengthen the life of your original battery. Keep your iPhone clean and do not let it accumulate too much residue. Obviously it is critical to avoid any major damage to the device as this can further attack the battery (dropping it on pavement or in the toilet is a no-no). Keep unused applications out of the phone and make sure the operating system is updated consistently.

Battery Replacement Option

Though it is expensive and quite a hassle, there is an option for when it inevitably dies. You can purchase a battery replacement from Apple. Fair warning, if you wait too long to replace it, you may get to the point where the battery is too weak to power your phone at all.

Apple has stated that only twenty percent of the batteries permanent life is used after “400 charge cycles,” which would equal out to being over five years without a needed battery replacement. I wonder if it’s even possible to reach that amount of time without buying a new product, but try these tips and see how close you get. If you have any additional tips, or if you’ve gone 5 years without a replacement, please share in the comments.