How to Jailbreak Your 3G iPhone with PwnageTool on a Mac

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Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes (8.0.2) before proceeding.

Firstly, create a folder on your desktop and give it a name. In it, you will need a couple of things. Version 2.2 of the PwnageTool that can be downloaded here. Also, we need the firmware (iPhone1,2_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw) as well.

Next, mount PwnageTool_2.2.dmg and drag the into the folder we created above.

Launch PwnageTool.

Using PwnageTool

Do not be alarmed when presented with a warning. Click OK to proceed.

Make sure to select Expert Mode from the top menu bar or your process will never be successful. This is very important!

Select your model which in this case, iPhone 3G.

PwnageTool will start looking for any firmware files on your computer. If it doesn’t do it automatically, browse for the firmware file manually. Click Next to continue.

You will be presented with a menu with a bunch of options to configure your firmware. Be careful with making any change as it might corrupt your final output. Click Build to begin.

When the modified firmware is complete, you will be prompted with the following dialog box;

Select the correct option and proceed.

If your answer is No, follow the instructions to set your iPhone in DFU mode. This might be complicated so follow the instructions on screen carefully.

Final Step

iTunes will automatically detect your iPhone and prompt you to restore it. In iTunes, hold the Alt/Option button and click Restore. Browse to the custom firmware file and click Open.

Be patient and wait for your iPhone to reboot. Voila! You have a jailbroken 3G iPhone.

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