Guide to Tasks, To-Do Lists & Personal Managers on iPhone

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The following app round-ups, reviews and help guides will show you the range of task management and to-do apps that you have to choose from. If you just have trouble remembering birthdays or what you need from the shops then there are simple and effective apps you can use, or there are more complex personal manager apps that feature status bars for monitoring how far along your tasks you are, allow you to schedule appointments and meetings, and keep everything color-coded for easy reference.

There’s something for everyone in our guide to task, to do list and personal manager apps, so what are you waiting for!

Five Best iPhone To Do & Task Manager Apps

We’ll kick off with a round-up of the best to do apps to get you started, so you can get an idea of the kind of apps you can get hold of to organize your life. The more comprehensive task manager apps let you set up folders for different tasks, start them, and cross off individual items as you accomplish them. Some even allow you set up reminders when a task really needs to be completed.

Review of To Do’s App: A Productivity App

The To Do’s app is nothing fancy in the world of productivity apps, but it works very effectively – it’s good at what it does. There are three basic functions that it can complete, which is really all you need. You can set priorities for each task (so low, medium, high), tick them as they are completed and if you tap on a specific task you can bring up further information. The most handy feature, though, is that any uncompleted tasks can be displayed on your home screen as a constant reminder. Find out more in our review.

Most Useful Productivity Apps

Here, we’ve rounded up the best productivity apps, with some free and paid-for options included. Productivity apps are a bit more comprehensive than simple to do apps, and you can even sync them up with the relevant website so no important information can be lost. Include all information you need, even bank details. And why not make use of the voice recognition to add voice notes?

Five Best Calendar Apps for your iPhone

Most of our to-dos revolve around dates, so if it’s a simple case of keeping on top of meetings, appointments and birthdays then perhaps a comprehensive calendar app is all you’ll need. The best apps in this category don’t just keep track of important dates though, they offer loads of other features as well.

Best Personal Organizer Apps

There are some standard functions on the iPhone that can help you with your productivity and task organizing, but these apps will take you to the next level. You can add more detailed information, and some even feature a progress bar so you know how far through completing your task you are.

iPhone Apps for Managing Schedules

Sometimes it is about more than to do lists and remembering birthdays, so an app to manage your schedule is more in order. You can record hours worked, sick days taken, your shift patterns for the coming years, and track vacation time, to name just a few. Color coding is a nice feature to look for in this kind of app so you can see the information you need at a glance.

Best iPhone PIM Apps

Personal Information Manager apps are comprehensive apps to get every area of your life organized, whether it be shopping lists, work projects, or homework for school or college. Many of them can sync with existing apps you may have like Google and your iOS calendar. You might find that they are a bit more costly but they are worthwhile to keep you organized in every way.

Best iPhone Diary Apps

Diary apps are useful for more than you’d think. You can use them to jot down notes and make lists, as well as using them as an appointment diary and an organizer. Look out for ones with added functions such as adding pictures and audio.

Review of Epic Win - To Do List with a Difference

Turn your to do list into an RPG and make getting through those tasks so much more fun. Epic Win basically transforms your list of chores into a fun role-playing game. You get to create your own avatar just as in any other RPG, and then your chores get turned into quests in the game to be completed.

Review of Evernote App for iPhone

Although, as the name suggests, this app is primarily for note taking, you can easily utilize it as a list app, and the way it’s organized will keep you on top of tasks for sure. You can have different notebooks for different tasks or areas of your life, and the best thing is that there are apps for other devices as well as a website, so everything is synced up no matter what device you are using – your information is all right there.

How to Use Evernote

So if the above review has sold you on the idea of using Evernote to organize your life, you won’t want to miss this guide on how to get the most out of your newly acquired app. It’s really easy and self-explanatory to begin using it, but this article takes a look at those neat features you might have overlooked.

Improve Your Productivity with Life Coach Apps

If you’re a little bit rubbish at achieving what it is you want to achieve, even if it’s just a simple to do list, then perhaps you need something a little bigger than a to-do list app. This round-up of life coach apps includes great productivity ideas that really coach you on the best way to become more productive all-round.


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