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The iPhone is arguably the single most recognizable name in the smartphone industry, and is without question the world’s most famous smartphone. With nearly 500,000 thousand apps (and counting) the iPhone’s operating system (OS), known simply as iOS, has the largest selection of apps which have been collectively downloaded over 15 billion times. So if you wish to develop your own iPhone app or simply want to understand the process of how apps for iOS are developed, you’ve come to the right place.

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Developing for the iPhone: The Basics

Developing for the iPhone can be a treacherous and trouble-filled path for the unwary, so to make sure you’ve got all the basic building blocks in place on your journey to making that awesome idea you have for an app into reality…let’s start with the basics.

How to Develop for the iPhone

Now that you have some cursory knowledge about the basics of app development on the iPhone, it’s time to get a better and more thorough understanding of the process. We’ll show you how to fast track your registration as an iOS developer, give you a proper introduction to the Apple developer SDK (software development kit), an introduction to Xcode and discuss some other facts you need to know before you can start getting your hands dirty.

How to Make iPhone Apps: The Complete Guide

Now…it’s time to get your hands dirty. In this article we’ll show you the best graphics, audio and image programs to use for your app. We’ll also recommend some the best books to get you started on your path towards being an iOS developer.

Guide to Setting Up and Using iPhone Emulator

Learn how to download, install and use the iPhone emulator so that you can test your apps properly on your computer.This step-by-step guide gives you all the info you need.

How to Develop and Sell your iPhone app

To be a successful iOS developer, you need to make some cash, that’s the bottom line with most developers. So gird yourself as we show you how to develop and successfully market your first app.

How to Make Games for the iPhone

The most lucrative way to convince people to give you cash for your app is to make that app a game. iOS is the single largest gaming platform on earth, and some of the most successful developers are game developers. From big time studios to small time Indie game makers. It’s also probably the most enjoyable type of app to make for iOS. In this guide we’ll show you the best and cheapest (if not completely free) programs you can use to make some pretty awesome games for the iPhone.

How to Make Money: Ads in your iPhone app

Continuing with our theme of making money with your iPhone app, there are two basic ways to do it. You can either directly charge for it or you can clutter it with ads. We’re here to save the day for you by weighing up the pro’s and con’s of both options, while showing you how to make your ads naturally blend in and become unobtrusive should you choose to put ads in your app.

How to Promote Your iPhone app

The App Store hosts nearly 500,000 apps, the plain and simple truth is – your’s is probably not going to be noticed. To make sure you get a steady stream of downloaders, you need to market and advertise your app, and we’re going to show you how!

Best Sites To Promote Your App

This article takes a look at some strategies for getting coverage for your app and it highlights some of the best websites and blogs to target if you want to get noticed.

How to Track your iPhone App Sales

It doesn’t really matter if you’re making trillions of dollars with your newly developed iPhone app – if you can’t track sales. Surprisingly the process isn’t as straightforward as one would expect it to be, so we’re here to save the day (again), by showing you how to check up on the health and wealth of your app.

How to Avoid Getting Your iPhone app Banned

You’ve worked hard for months, showered love, perseverance and money on your app. Then you submit your pride and glory for approval by Apple, and they kindly either reject or outright ban your app. This is pretty much the worst case scenario for any iOS developer, but more so for a burgeoning developer. So to make sure all your money, work and love don’t go to waste, here is a must read guide on how to make sure your app does not get banned.

How to Creat Winning iPhone App Ideas

In case you’re suffering a mental block, or you are just wondering what kind of app would be the most profitable, it’s always handy to have some help when it comes to figuring out what kind of app to make. So with this handy guide we’ll show you what kind of app may give you the best results once it goes up live on the App Store.

How to Identify Your UDID

Your Unique Device Identifier (UDID) code is probably one of the most important and completely overlooked aspects of app development. You can’t test your brand new app without it, and Apple can’t approve your app for testing without it. So here is an easy to follow guide that’ll help you get your UDID code up, so that you can test or play with your app on your own or any other iOS device before it goes live.

How to Use the iPhone’s Enterprise Development Program.

The Enterprise Development Program allows corporations, NGO’s or other such entities their own private and secure apps. Apps also do not undergo the traditional app approval process and you’re allowed greater freedom when developing, such as the inclusion of Flash or the manipulation of hardware buttons.

That’s it for our app development guide for iPhone. Do you have any tips of your own? Please post a comment.


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