iPhone Guide to All Things News and Weather Related

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Some of the most used apps on smartphones are those that keep us abreast of the latest events, whether it’s the headline news, or just checking up on the daily weather forecast. Even if you just have a spare minute, you can relieve the boredom and check what’s in store weatherwise, or catch up on current events using your iPhone with just a few taps. There are a vast array of apps and RSS feeds that can help you here, but of course with that vast array come some really bad apps too. Never fear dear reader, as we have weeded out all the garbage to leave only the best news and weather options for your iPhone.

If the regular TV news is depressing then this is where iPhone apps really come into their own as you can choose from subjects that interest you, from sports to entertainment, or even iPhone news! Or why not become hugely selective and use an RSS feed or reader app where you can specify what subjects you are interested in, or where you want the information to come from.

Weather apps don’t have to be dull affairs either, and indeed there are some top notch options for checking on not just weather but tide times and all manner of weather related info depending on your chosen outdoor sport.

We round up our guide with some interesting articles related to weather and news that you may not have considered before.

It’s Raining? It’s Sunny? Time for Weather Apps

We kick off with a favorite of everyone’s conversation repertoire, and that’s the weather. We begin by looking at which is the best all round weather app you should download, along with an in-depth review of a handy app for weather updates, and even a specific app for tracking lightning, if you are so minded.

What’s New in News?

Although iPhone news apps are in no short supply in the App Store, we’ve compiled some great round-ups at Bright Hub to bring you only the ones that are worth your time, with a review or two thrown in there to give you more of an idea about some top options too.

If you want specific apps according to your interests rather than general news apps, then we’ve got that covered with some entertainment news, political news, and even music news apps to take a look at.

Useful RSS Feeds for iPhone

If you’ve heard of RSS feeds before but haven’t ever used one, then prepare to be enlightened. The greatest thing about using an RSS feed is that you can be entirely selective of the news that reaches your iPhone. You can choose particular sources that you want to get updates from (such as BBC, CNN, or Bright Hub for example), as well as selecting only subject matters that you are interested in. They are then pulled together on your iPhone and you can stay up to date as the feeds get updated. I’ve included a link here to the iPhone RSS feed on Bright Hub so you can keep up to date on our recent iPhone articles.

Weather for Sports Enthusiasts

If you participate in any outdoor sports or pursuits, then of course the weather is going to be of particular interest. If you like sports and activities that use water, there are more in-depth pieces of information that prove invaluable. These apps don’t give just a general weather forecast, but details of surfing conditions and tide times and graphs for example. Many of the top fishing apps not only keep you abreast of similar information, they can also keep you informed on fishing news.

Something a Bit Different

For all things news and weather on your iPhone there are some useful articles I’ve brought together in this section that defy classification! There is the Rooster iPhone alarm clock that, once you are awake, allows you to be taken to the weather forecast and the top news stories, or the all round Appzilla with plenty of news and weather capabilites, as well as other useful apps for whatever the occasion. Make the most of the weather by either charging your phone with a solar charger when the weather is being nice, or cosy up with some iPhone gloves to use when temperatures dip.