Simply the Best Entertainment Apps for iPhone

Simply the Best Entertainment Apps for iPhone
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If you like to keep in touch with the latest celebrity news and get a kick out of hearing what all the celebrities got caught doing, then this app is for you. Whenever you want to see the latest news, videos or photos you can access it all on your iPhone, anytime of the day, for free.

I am a celeb junkie and find myself checking this app a few times a day. Besides being able to read breaking news, watch videos, look at photos and watch TMZ TV, my favorite feature of this app is the ability to search for any celebrity that I want to in the search menu. If you have a gripe with this app, then there is even a send feedback category for you to complain to them.

The only downside is that the stories are updated pretty slowly throughout the day. When I check the app in the morning, there may only be one or two new updates, if any at all. I have noticed they update a lot more in the afternoon. The bottomline is that for a free app, you’ll get all the trashy gossip you want in the palm of your hand anytime you want.



Entertainment Tonight has been a staple in the entertainment news industry for the past 27 years. Now instead of waiting until 7:00 at night to get the latest, breaking news in entertainment, you can check your iPhone app anytime of the day.

This app reminds me of the TMZ app. It has all of the same features: news, videos, photos, the feedback option, share a story or save it to your favorites. The only difference is when you click on a story, you have the option to rate it. This feature is a great idea because it shows the users what stories are the most popular. Another feature I found unique was the “most viewed” category – again this is another great idea to see what everyone else is watching and what’s trending at the moment. Considering both ET and TMZ apps are basically the same I would say they both function on an average level and have a similar, simple to use interface.

There are a few hang-ups I have with this app. The first being that the picture gallery needs to be updated. In order to maintain a good entertainment app you have to update your photos every day. Second, the videos take forever to download. I think I sat and waited a good three minutes before I got tired of waiting. Besides that, this app is free and it does what it’s supposed to do; give you entertainment news.



If you have ever checked out then you know that it’s the ultimate in a wide range of news and topics. It ranges from celebrities, babies, pop culture, cooking, pets and beauty tips, to fitness, TV news and home decor. It’s the best all around news and information app. Whenever I find an article I want to share I can simply Facebook, email or Twitter it.

Compared to other entertainment apps, Popsugar has the best photos accompanying their articles. The photos always seem different from what others in the entertainment genre have out there. I would compare their presentation to People Magazine; clean and classy looking. This app functions above average and I have never had any problems with any glitches or app malfunctions.

The only thing I would change would be to have the option to be able to read older posts, so I can see what I have missed. Other than that, this app is a great all-around entertainment and information app.

In Conclusion

In my experience of using these apps, the best entertainment app for iPhone award goes to…no one! I would have to say it depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re a celeb junkie like myself and want instant breaking news than I would have to go with the TMZ app. Their app is just as good as their TV show, and I feel they have proved themselves as the most credible in breaking news. Although the Entertainment Tonight app is very similar, I still like the overall feel of the TMZ app. If you are looking for an app that will not only give you entertainment news but all-around information like a magazine would, then Popsugar is your best choice. All of these apps are worth checking out for the sole reason that they are free. So give them all a try, and let me know what you think in the comment section.