How to Use Gevey SIM to Unlock iPhone 4 Any Baseband

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You all must have heard about Gevey SIM and must be familiar with its purpose and/or functionality. If not, then I advise you to please read the article given below, before you proceed any further.

How to unlock iPhone 4 Any Baseband?

This troubleshooting guide is for all the iPhone 4 users encountering problems with Gevey SIM, like ‘Invalid SIM’ or ‘No SIM’ message, welcome screen message not appearing, no network signals with Gevey SIM, etc. To begin with, let us first look at the recommended steps for unlocking an iPhone with Gevey SIM.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Before you begin the unlocking process, make sure to turn off the Wi-Fi, 3G and data roaming on your iPhone.

Step 2: If you are using a micro SIM, you don’t need to cut your SIM card. You can use the custom Gevey SIM Tray provided with the package.

For people using an older SIM card, make sure to cut the SIM card properly when cutting using scissors or use a micro SIM cutter instead.

I have often seen people who don’t cut the SIM card properly and forcefully push the SIM and the Gevey chip inside, blocking their SIM card. They then blame the seller for their own mistake by saying that the product was faulty.

Please ask an expert to cut the SIM card for you or make use of a micro SIM cutter.

Step 3: Firmly place the Gevey SIM on the custom Gevey SIM tray, and on top of it place your SIM card. Now, firmly insert the two in your iPhone. Don’t try to insert the SIM card forcefully, if you feel it’s not going inside.

Step 4: After you have inserted the Gevey SIM, turn on your iPhone and wait for a while until you notice a welcome screen message on the iPhone. Tap on the Accept button to continue with the unlocking process. After about 15 seconds, you should notice a small green signal on the top left corner of the iPhone.

At this time, you need to dial 112 and disconnect the call, exactly after 2 seconds. No need to wait for the call to connect.

Step 5: Now, on your iPhone Springboard, go to Settings and turn on the Airplane mode. After about 40-50 seconds, you should notice a message that reads, “No SIM card installed.” Tap on the Ok button to continue and you should notice another message that reads, “SIM failure”. Tap on the Ok button to continue. Now, turn off the Airplane mode and then turn it on again and finally turn it off. This will allow your iPhone to search for networks in range.

Finally, you now have an unlocked iPhone, which you can use to call your friends and family members and do everything else that other iPhone users stuck with AT&T do.

Troubleshooting Gevey SIM - No Welcome Screen Message

After inserting the Gevey SIM, if you don’t see the welcome screen message on your iPhone, then it may be due to the following:

1. Gevey SIM and the SIM card are not placed properly.

In this case, make sure that the Gevey SIM points do touch the circuit on the SIM card. It might also be possible that you didn’t cut the SIM properly.

2. Gevey SIM is faulty.

It might be possible that the Gevey SIM you have received is faulty, as you know electronic items are not 100% reliable.

If this is case I advise you to be patient and politely tell the seller about your problem. I am sure that your seller will definitely replace the item for you.

Welcome message appeared, but iPhone shows no signal

It might be possible, that you didn’t turn off the Wi-Fi, 3G and data roaming features while using the Gevey SIM. Repeat the process, while they are turned off.

As a precautionary step, try resetting iPhone network settings. To reset iPhone network settings, go to Settings -> General -> Reset. Now, tap on the “Reset All Settings” button. Your iPhone will now restart. Try to unlock your iPhone again.

Gevey SIM Works, but signal drops after few minutes

Sometimes, it does happen that the Gevey SIM works perfectly but after the signals are lost or you reboot your iPhone, the signal goes away and you see a message that reads, “No SIM”.

The main reason behind this problem is that your chip and SIM card are not properly connected to each other and the chip may be a bit loose. A loose chip is often caused by incorrect cutting of the SIM, even when you use a micro SIM cutter.

I see a message that reads, “Different SIM detected. Connect to iTunes…”. What should I do?

The reason why iPhone users see this message is that earlier their iPhone was locked with an AT&T SIM and now they are using a different/new SIM. Kindly insert your new SIM card and connect your iPhone to iTunes. This should solve the problem.

You might also need to jailbreak your iPhone 4 if the above solution doesn’t help. Jailbreaking is legal and a must for every iPhone, if you want your iPhone to have all the applications it can.

If your problem is not listed above, kindly add a comment to the article and your problem shall be listed here along with a solution.


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