Apple Sues Samsung for Copying the iPhone: It's a Love Hate Relationship

Apple Sues Samsung for Copying the iPhone: It's a Love Hate Relationship
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Apple and Samsung…or Appsung

Celebrity couple Apple and Samsung, or Appsung as some magazines are calling them, have been collaborating on iPhones, iPads, and computers for quite some time now and seemed to be in a stable relationship. Well, it looks like there could be trouble in paradise as they have recently been spotted by the paparazzi, during what appears to be a fight. Since the report emerged, all kinds of crazy rumors have been floating around the tech industry.

Although the paparazzi were only able to capture limited footage, witnesses say:

“After a couple of drinks, Apple just started yelling at Samsung, saying that they have lost the originality and appeal that drew Apple to them in the first place.”

“Samsung, you’re just not who you used to be anymore. All you do is conform. Now, you have brought that into our house, even going as far as copying our ideas. Where is the rebellious, outgoing Samsung that we partnered with years ago?”, screamed Apple.

“Apple has to keep an eye on Samsung all the time. Where do you think the front facing camera on the iPad idea came from? Samsung is always being shady,” says a source close to Apple.

Samsung supporters had their own opinion of how Apple treats Samsung.

“Man, Apple has been using Samsung for the past couple of years. I tried to tell Samsung, but she just did not want to listen to me. Now she all mad cause when she did last month’s budget, she found out Apple had been ripping her off for cheap parts and manufacturing.” says a source close to Samsung.

“I knew that relationship wouldn’t last. Apple has been gold digging Samsung for the past 5 years. Making Samsung assemble all of the iPhones, using Samsung’s parts, washing the dishes.” states another source.

“Apple, you just don’t know who you are anymore. But it appears that your true colors have shown, and they are black and white,” says a Samsung supporter who was quick to criticize Apple’s iPhone.

Past Relationships

The outcome of Apple and Samsung’s latest argument has yet to be announced. The popular tech gossip website, Engadget, was able to get their hands on a photo of the couple, who are both looking a little too alike. They could both use a refresh and an update.

Samsung iPhone Screenshot

One sure thing, however, is that Apple and Samsung have decided to take their disagreements to court. Another source states, Apple has decided to sue Samsung for using them. Not only that, but secretly copying and stealing all of the ideas that Apple has come up with.

Aside from their current relationship, both Apple and Samsung have had some unstable relationships before. Currently, Apple has some cease and desist restraining orders on stalkers. One of them is M.I.C. Gadget, manufacturer of the product iHub. This is not the first outburst that we have seen from Apple, and it may well not be the last. If you recall last year, Apple was accused of hazing by the famous graphic artist Adobe. Sources stated that Apple kept degrading and defaming Adobe’s famous “Flash” creation.

Samsung on the other hand, has a much milder relationship background than Apple. However, a small dispute back in 1995 between Samsung and now ex Sandisk, was resolved in small claims court. The case revolved around a patent infringement claim by Samsung.

A Bright Future?

Samsung Logo

Humor aside, it seems like tech companies are suing each other left and right these days. Even companies that have stricken deals to collaborate on projects, such as Apple and Samsung, are at each others throats. If you may recall, many Apple products such as the iPhone 4 are actually built using some parts manufactured by Samsung. As Business Week states, the iPhone 4’s A4 processor is actually a product of Samsung.

The particular case, or disagreement that we are referring to throughout this article is Apple’s recent suing of Samsung, claiming that they are copying Apple designs, particularly those of the iPhone and iPad. More specifically, Apple has declared that the Samsung Galaxy S 4G smartphone is essentially an iPhone design (as shown in the picture above). Their assertions about copying go beyond the hardware and they’re also complaining about icons for apps and even packaging.

The following is a quote from Apple, regarding the case: “Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and a unique Samsung style for its smart phone products and computer tablets, Samsung chose to copy Apple’s technology, user interface and innovative style in these infringing products.”

So basically, Apple is calling Samsung a poser and a copycat but they’re still going to expect a nice cheap supply of those A4 processors. Interestingly Apple spent an estimated $6 billion at Samsung last year and they’ll probably settle for getting some of it back. Most of these cases end in licensing deals and payments.