The Best Websites to Watch Movies on iPhone

The Best Websites to Watch Movies on iPhone
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One of the great things about the iPhone is that it is mobile entertainment. You can not only make calls with the iPhone but play games, read books and watch a movie while waiting in line. And, thanks in part to the iPad, there are a number of websites to watch movies on the iPhone with. So, if you find yourself often wishing you had something to watch then these are great websites that you can visit on your iPhone.

Apple (4 out of 5)

The obvious choice for watching movies on the iPhone is to buy them from Apple and there are good points to this. Apple allows you to either watch or buy a movie generally for a pretty good price. In addition, and most important to many people, you know when you go to Apple to buy or rent movies on an Apple device that you’ll get a good experience.

Of course most of the time you’ll go through the iTunes app, but the website is well integrated with the device. Still, in most cases the electronic versions of movies are about the same price as buying the DVD. This means that if you want to watch a movie on your phone this is a good choice and the rentals are only about $4. Not a perfect experience, but generally very smooth.

Netflix (4 out of 5)

netflix on iPhone

Because Netflix is so central to watching video online it is worthwhile checking out the Netflix website, even though you can’t simply go to their website. Instead you need an app download, but the app is free and once downloaded it is effectively except in the app rather than going to their website.

So if you already have Netflix this will almost certainly be your best choice. If you don’t have it yet then the streaming only plan costs $7.99 per month, which is a great deal when you compare it with the cost of renting movies from other sites that cost three or four dollars per movie. This is a very easy to use setup and the only reason it doesn’t get five stars is because you have to download a Netflix app and the service is not free.

Vtap (3 out of 5)


Veveo is a search engine created for mobile phones. One of its primary values is Vtap a search engine for video. The advantage of this is that it not only helps you find videos, but also converts them so they can be watched on a mobile device.

This is by no means the easiest or smoothest of processes and finding anything specific is difficult at best, but it can give you access to things that otherwise couldn’t be played on the iPhone. If you’re looking for something specific on the iPhone this is a worthwhile place to check. This is especially good for news clips.

Veetle (2 out of 5)


This is a streaming service that allows anyone to broadcast. One of the most common things you’ll find on this streaming service is TV series and movies. The choices are far more limited than in many of the other services and you can’t skip forward, though you can go back thirty seconds.

Still, if you find videos that you want to watch here they are at least as easy as any of the others to access, they look good and the service is completely free. This is worth checking, but it isn’t really likely to be a site that you go back to a lot unless you want to watch sports.

YouTube (4 out of 5)

youtube movies

Everyone knows that you can watch YouTube mobile on the iPhone, but what you may not know is that YouTube is introducing movies to their service. These are not all free, but those that cost are not all that expensive and you can expect YouTube to expand what they are doing quickly. Also, because YouTube is a trusted name, renting a movie from them is safer than many of the other sites.

These movies run from about 99 cents to about $3.99 with a few free choices as well. Of course you can also watch anything else that is on YouTube, so if you want to see someone injuring themselves or one of the recent viral videos then this is a good choice as well.

OVGuide (3 out of 5)


OVGuide doesn’t actually have movies on its site, but what it does have is links to a lot of sites that do. With more and more companies deciding to show movies and TV on their own websites, rather than making it easy for the consumer to go to one place to find video, OVGuide helps you to find them in one place.

The problem is that not all the links are directly to the videos or even the page that the video is on, so while it will generally get you close to the Internet streaming video that you want, and almost always to the mobile version, it still isn’t the same as a site that has those videos itself. However, it is free and can help you find a lot of things you would otherwise not find, as new sites pop up and go down every day.

While there are many other websites that let you watch movies, video clips and TV series on the iPhone these are the options that give you the widest variety of choices. So if you want to watch a favorite movie, and you are willing to do some searching, there is as excellent chance that you can get it on one of these websites.

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