Best iPhone Apps for Reaching the Alpha State

Best iPhone Apps for Reaching the Alpha State
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First Steps

As with most things, an open mind is needed for any of the techniques in the apps we go through to have any real effect. The Alpha state is an almost meditative state of mind where the subject is relaxed yet focused at a point where the brainwaves run at about 8 to 12 cycles per second or hertz. Argued as the most effective way of learning and concentrating, it focuses on using both hemispheres of the brain as opposed to only the most dominant. Learning to harness this ‘power’ over the mind can be of great benefit.

Positive Affirmations

One way the power of the Alpha state can be used is to develop a positive mindset by using affirmations, a positive declaration that something is true, which in this state bypasses the conscious barriers to actually believing it is true. The best app we’ve found specifically designed to use positive affirmations is Alpha-Weight Loss available for $1.99.

Although targeted at weight loss, health, body image and emotional release, you’re able to record your own affirmations meaning you can apply it to any aspect you desire. What stands out about this app is the ability to queue affirmations, loop and even shuffle. The Alpha wave isochronic tones really do help you relax, once receptive you can then clear your thoughts and, with practice, reach the state in which these affirmations become effective, with the subliminal volume being controlled by the menu. Alternatively, this app can be used solely for the purpose of reaching the Alpha state by just listening to the specially designed Alpha inducing tones.


Healing Spirit

Healing Spirit - Alpha Wave & Healing Solfeggio Meditations available for $1.99 again uses Alpha pulse isochronic tones with binaural beats which are said to induce relaxation, meditation and creativity. This app is great for those who are looking for the first step in reaching the Alpha state through meditation in their use of digital stereo live nature recordings in addition to four high bitrate audio meditation tracks. The app features 528HZ healing solfeggio frequencies which work with alpha inducing brain entrainment technologies in a simplistic user-friendly menu, simply put, all you need to begin your journey to the Alpha state.

Creativity & Concentration


A feature-rich option to harness creativity and concentration through the Alpha state is AlphaMind. Combining all of the features of Alpha-Weight Loss and Healing Spirit in that you can record affirmations, queue them to play and control the tone and volume of the subliminal recordings, it offers a lot more than anything else in the App Store when it comes to totally controlling your experience.

Well worth its $1.99 price tag this app allows you to choose from six Solfeggio frequencies with binaural beats and three Alpha wave isochronic tones from low to mid to high so you can experiment with what works for you, a feature not afforded by anything else we’ve seen. Another great addition of AlphaMind is its ability to add suggestions to your iTunes music library, perfect for using in a variety of situations and increasing your susceptibility.

Which App?

Whilst there isn’t the biggest choice when it comes to iPhone apps for Alpha state, the best apps available are specific to various needs. Beginners will fare best with Healing Spirit, Alpha-Weight Loss is designed specifically for achieving certain goals in terms of affirmations and AlphaMind is geared towards those with more experience and offers as much control as you can get.