Best iPhone Magic Trick Apps

Best iPhone Magic Trick Apps
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Whether you want to impress your friends with a fun app or learn tricks that can draw a crowd, there are few devices more suited to learning magic tricks than the iPhone. With the ability to show video and text, it makes a great learning device. Its many functions allow you to do things with it that no one expects, or even to convince them that it can do things that are impossible. While many of these tricks are not as impressive once you know how they are done the rush of fooling someone can easily replace that wonder.

iForce (5 out of 5)

If you want to use your iPhone as a prop in a magic routine then iForce is the perfect app. This app appears as a simple drawing app on your iPhone, but once you know how to use it you can do a number of prediction tricks, mind-reading tricks and more. You simply ask a question that has a limited number of answers, you then write the answer in the doodle app on your phone and put it face down. You then get the other person to make a choice and, if done correctly, you can get the right answer every time. There are a couple of levels of difficulty which allow you to do more complicated tricks, but with just a few minutes of practice anyone should be able to perform a few simple iPhone magic tricks with this app.

(Cost: $2.99)

Magic! (5 out of 5)


The iPhone is an almost perfect device for learning magic tricks. You can study the text instructions easily while also having videos both of the trick performed on its own, and the explanation of how to do the trick. Magic! Lets you learn twenty tricks for free all of them with text instructions, a video example of the trick and a video explanation of how to do the trick. Once you have tried these tricks and become hooked on magic there are a large number of tricks you can get for 99 cents each. If you want to learn the basics of the card and prop tricks then this is a great app.

(Cost: Free)

Street Magic 1: Levitations (4 out of 5)

Floating Cup

While Magic! focuses more on card tricks and other close up magic tricks Street Magic shows tricks that could help gather a crowd. In this app you can learn how to float a cup, levitate a Barbie, and levitate a ring on a rubber band for free. You can also learn a number of other excellent tricks via in app purchases. Each of these tricks has two videos, the first showing you the trick, and the second the secret of the trick. These are tricks that will often require far more setup than typical tricks, or at least more skill, but they will certainly add to any street magic routine. A couple more free examples and this would be a five star app.

(Cost: Free)

Rising Card (4 out of 5)

Rising Card

Detailing one of the most famous card tricks, the Rising Card iPhone magic app is one of the best. In this app you are able to have a person simply tell you any card and you can then open the app, have them shake it and the card that they choose will appear. This trick will take a bit of practice to make smooth, and you’ll have to read the directions to learn how to make it work, but if you like to have a few magic tricks available and don’t want to carry a deck of cards, this is a surprisingly effective app. This is still only one iPhone magic trick so it can’t quite make five stars.

(Cost: $2.99)

Real Fingerprint Scanner Protection (3 out of 5)

iphone fingerprint

The great part about Real Fingerprint Security Scanner is that people don’t know that it is a trick. That is because the touch screen on the iPhone makes the idea of a fingerprint scanner plausible. It is still absurd enough to make it funny when someone believes it. This app simply has you put your finger on the screen then scans it and unless you know the trick it denies access. This isn’t likely to impress people as much as some of the other tricks, but it’s a great way to make your friends look foolish or just convince them you have a really cool phone because it is quite convincing when done properly.

(Cost: $0.99)