Top Three Pet iPhone Apps

Top Three Pet iPhone Apps
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Pet Dossier

As mentioned, taking care of pets is no easy job. In fact you’ll need a dossier to keep track of your pet’s development and to store all of the information you could possibly record about your pet. This top pet iPhone app will help you with this task. Pet Dossier lets you have your pet’s essential information available right at your fingertips - through your iPhone. It lets you keep track of your pet’s history, medications, and even appointments with your pet’s caregivers. The app also allows you to customize your pet’s information to suit your needs and allows you to edit and add new fields. You can enter information for multiple pets, include an unlimited amount of ID numbers for your pets, and more. One thing that you’ll appreciate about this app is that the developers are addressing each of the comments and the feedback that they get for their app. So if you get this app, expect to receive regular updates often. All the updates are focussed on the improvement of the app which makes it great value. (Price: $1.99)

Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid

One of the most essential things that you need to keep in mind about your pets is their health. This app helps you maintain this even during emergency situations. In other words, the app helps you to be prepared 24/7 for medical emergency and teaches you to apply basic first aid treatment when your pets encounter cuts and impalement or choking hazards. This app even teaches you about CPR. You will also appreciate the how-to videos and illustrations that this app provides - all for taking good care of your pets including their vital medical information. Pet owners who’ve used this app were all thankful for how useful it is to have a reference in any emergency situation. One more thing, you’ll also appreciate the fact that you can use this app even when your iPhone is offline. (Price: $3.99)

PetTech PetSaver

pettect petsaver

Here’s another great app which serves as a reference and educational tool for all pet lovers and pet care professionals. I mean, who would have thought that pets are like humans when it comes to emergency situations - meaning you can also apply CPR and first aid treatment, as well as daily care? This app will really teach you about all that important information. It even gives you a list of poisonous items which can be harmful to your pets. And yes, these items are organized well into categories such as plants, household items and food - making it easier to find the item that you’re looking for. Equally helpful are the items’ description, picture, signs, symptoms and the corresponding action that you need to take for your pet to survive possible harm due to these substances. In other words, this app is truly a pet saver. (Price: $4.99)

What is the Best App for Pet Owners?

Being a pet owner myself, I find Pet Dossier to be a really useful app for organizing the way I take care of my dog. The fact that you can use it for multiple pets is also a nice feature and I will definitely use it again once we get our second puppy in the house. But of course, the two other iPhone apps we listed are equally useful and you won’t mind trying out each of them if you’re really serious about being a responsible pet owner.