Four Must-Have Batman iPhone Apps and Games

Four Must-Have Batman iPhone Apps and Games
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There are plenty of iPhone applications featuring your favorite comic book superheroes. Of these, apps that feature the Caped Crusader attract more eyeballs. From comic book apps that update regularly with free Batman comics, to movie apps that boast additional bonus content, every application is packed with goodies. Here are some of the best Batman applications for the iOS.

DC Comics

The official DC Comics iPhone app lets you download free Batman comics. Powered by ComiXology’s, this iPhone comic book application has several outstanding features that enhance your reading experience. Its Guided View feature lets you swipe your fingers to move between any comic book panels. You can also read comics in classic full page view.

The highlight of the DC Comics app is that it updates regularly with plenty of classic comics for free. Now that’s something you are not going to want to miss. New comics will be added each week, and thankfully most of them are Batman comics.

Lego Batman Game

Lego Batman Game

This game is designed exclusively for the iPhone and features various puzzles and mini-games for kids. Featuring the cutesy Lego toy versions of Batman, Robin, Joker, Penguin and the Riddler, the application has a great single-player story mode and several bonus mini-games to keep kids busy for hours. They can unlock bonus content and solve mind-bending puzzles laid down by the Riddler, Batman’s arch rival. The graphics are vibrant and offer the Lego toy experience pretty well. All characters are designed exactly like the Lego toys, which makes the game satisfying and full of fun. The application is available for $0.99 in iTunes.

The Dark Knight: App Edition

The Dark Knight App Edition

The Dark Knight: App Edition is a must-have application for all Batman fans. It features plenty of goodies besides the entire movie, including rare behind-the-scenes footage, a lovely art gallery of movie posters and concept art, ringtones, soundboard and video trivia related to various movie clippings. Batman fans might not download this app for the 2008 movie, but they will surely install it for the extra goodies.

This Batman iPhone app has various interactive features, including a Batman Tech game that allows users to explore the Bat Cave to examine state-of-the-art Bat gadgets and tools used in the movie and the Batman Unmasked interactive clip that lets you delve deeper into the psyche of Bruce Wayne and enter the Batman universe to catch a glimpse of his life and his greatest adversaries. Other features include Joker cards with splendid artwork, poster art and high-quality images from the movie. The app offers two options to watch Dark Knight: Streaming and Offline playback, an option that allows you to download the entire movie and watch it any time.

The app is perfect for those who love to collect anything related to the Caped Crusader. The highlight of this app is the bonus features. All you have to do is download the app for free and then buy the full version to unlock them.

The Batmobile Game

Batmobile Game

Ever wondered how it feels when riding the Batmobile on the crumbly streets of Gotham City? Well, you may not get the opportunity to ride the vehicle, but you can surely get a taste of its speed with the help of this application. All you have to do is take advantage of your device’s accelerometer and angle the speedy Batmobile to avoid obstacles. On your way, you will get power boosts to blast off and get to the outskirts of the city in no time. Once the vehicle gains momentum after a high-powered jump, you can swiftly go through Gotham City.

The main objective is to reach the outskirts of Gotham City as quickly as you can. There’s a timer to measure how fast you can get the vehicle through Gotham City. The game has stunning 3D visuals and sound effects that bring the Batman universe to life. Priced at $0.99, Bat Mobile Game is one of the rare Batman games available at the iTunes store.