Best iPhone Dungeons and Dragons Apps

Best iPhone Dungeons and Dragons Apps
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There are few games in the world more popular than Dungeons and Dragons, and likely none that require players and gamemasters alike to carry more stuff to a game. Boxes of books, papers, dice, and a lot of preparation go into a good D&D game, and being able to replace some of those with iPhone apps can not only make it easier to get to a game, but you are less likely to forget something as well.

Dicenomicon (3 out of 5)

There is nothing more important to a Dungeons and Dragons player than his or her dice. Myths and legends about how to treat dice and how to find the perfect dice, have been created, and are often believed. Yet, many of the dice apps on the iPhone forget about the importance of look and feel of dice and simply have numbers that appear on the screen. Dicenomicon understands role players and creates a dice app that looks and feels far more real.

(Cost: 0.99 Light Version, 4.99 Full Version)

SRD Spellbook (3 out of 5)

rpg spellbook

In D&D 3.5 spell casters are generally the most complicated of classes to run. This is because of the huge numbers of spells that you have access to and need to remember. That is where SRD Spellbook comes into play. If you still play 3.5 then this is an app you should have around. With every spell from the core rulebooks, and other places, it lets you easily find the right spell and so makes this fantasy theme game not only easier, but faster. Besides what wizard would ever be found without a good spellbook?

(Cost 0.99)

Feudz Loot (4 out of 5)

Fends loot

The average player of D&D doesn’t really need to bring that much to a game that would require a Dungeons and Dragons iPhone app. That means that the most important of the apps are going to be for the dungeon master. Feudz Loot is a very handy app to keep on the phone for those times when your players go someplace you were not expecting. With a number of tables of possible loot ,this can keep things from slowing down while you look through loot tables. It could certainly use more loot choices, but it is still useful to keep a game moving.

(Cost: Free)

Names for RPG (4 out of 5)

Names for RPG

Every dungeon master knows that no matter how many D&D characters you create, your players are going to find some random guard and want to talk. This leads to one of the hardest parts of creating good NPC’s – the name. Names for RPG can randomly generate names for a number of different races or type, helping you to find the perfect name for the half elf bartender you just made up, without slowing down the entire game. This could also be useful for players creating character names.

(Cost: Free)

RPG Scribe (3 out of 5)

rpg scribe iphone

Players generally have to bring one thing to the RPG, their character sheet. Yet many of them seem to be able to forget to do that. Leaving it with the dungeon master is fine, but it is fun to have your own character sheet. RPG Scribe is an iPhone app for Dungeons and Dragons that can help solve that problem by ensuring that if you lose your character sheet you also lost your phone. So if you’re playing 3rd edition D&D then this is a great choice as well as helping a dungeon master who needs to keep track of a number of NPC’s.

(Cost 0.99)

I4E (3 out of 5)


If you’re playing 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons you know that the character sheet has changed considerably. I4E allows for the replacement of the paper character sheet with an iPhone app. In addition, if you desire, you have the ability to edit characters from the D&D insider character builder, so that you don’t have to have to try to type out everything on the iPhone. Either for players or Dungeon masters, this can help cut back considerably on the printing of character sheets, or at least serve as a good backup.

(Cost: 4.99)

Battlemap (4 out of 5)


For the serious RPGer Battlemap is a possibility. Though better with the iPad, and expensive enough that most people will not be interested, this iPhone app for D&D allows you to create maps so that you can create an interactive experience for your players. Unlike most of the other apps, this actually lets you do thing you couldn’t easily do before, such as have hidden traps which are actually hidden, and fog of war. This is certainly one of the best of the D&D apps, but also by far the most expensive and it really doesn’t give as much as you might expect for the price.

(Cost 29.99)