The Best iPhone News Apps

The Best iPhone News Apps
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While you can use Safari or the e-mail app to read news on the iPhone, there are dedicated apps that provide a better reading experience. For example, well designed iPhone news apps make it easy to share news articles with friends. These type of applications can also be used to monitor what is popular on a given newspaper or news site, since there is typically a “top stories” or “popular posts” feature available. Lastly, most iPhone news applications are free to use and thus can be considered as an alternative to subscribing to a print newspaper.

New York Times iPhone App

New York Times iPhone (Image Credit:

Even though the New York Times recently introduced a payment wall for online content, you can still read articles using the free iPhone NYTimes app. The app is particularly well suited for breaking news stories and popular news articles. The app has a built in function to e-mail articles if you wish to share an interesting news article with a friend.

Specialized New York Times iPhone Apps

  • The New York Times Real Estate App
  • The Scoop: NYC App for iPhone - reporting and articles on New York City’s bars, restaurants and events.
  • The New York Times Crosswords
  • The New York Times Sudoku
  • Learning English With the New York Times

Huffington Post on the iPhone

Huffington Post iPhone App Screenshot (Image Credit: Huffington Post)

The iPhone Huffington Post experience is well worth checking out. The app makes it easy to switch between different sections of the site such as Business, Politics and Entertainment. Prior to opening up a story, the app presents a short summary with images. Once a user opens up a specific article on the app, the app automatically displays tweets on the article’s subject matter at the end. Unfortunately, the app does not show comments from the Huffington Post website.

Huffington Post iPhone App Features:

  • Customize sections: Users can change the order of the sections on the app to suit their interests.
  • Save entries: If you find a particularly interesting item that you wish to return to later, you can save Huffington Post entries in the app and return to them later.
  • Facebook functionality: Newer versions of the app let users log into the Huffington Post with their Facebook account to post comments.

International News On the iPhone

For readers looking for international news, there are many different iPhone news apps available to suit your needs.

  • Canadian News: iPhone users interested in a Canadian perspective can use the CBC iPhone app (which includes access to live radio), the Globe & Mail app, the Maclean’s iPhone app, the Canadian Business iPhone app and others. Though all of these apps are free, they do not all provide access to all of the news content created. For example, the Canadian Business app tends to provide only highlights.

  • British News Apps: Readers interested in the British news perspective have a wealth of apps to choose from. Among the best options are the Financial Times app (limited to three free articles a month unless the user has a subscription) and the Guardian (free). At the time of writing, there are several unofficial BBC News apps; the BBC itself is expecting to launch its own iPhone apps later in 2011.


Consult these detailed resources to learn more ways of reading news on the iPhone. If you tire of reading news reports, you can also read books on the iPad or iPhone instead.