Best Concert iPhone Apps

Best Concert iPhone Apps
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Concert-Going iPhone Users

One of the biggest crowds for the iPhone are young people, and if there’s one thing young people love doing, it’s going to concerts. Rap, rock, indie, country- the type of concert doesn’t matter. What does matter is that when you’ve got concert fever, chances are you want nothing to do with anything else, and these apps on the iPhone are arguably the perfect iPhone apps for concerts. While many apps related to concerts and shows on the iPhone are pretty similar, a select few stand out for their ease of use, low-cost, and accessibility to anyone. Let’s take a look…


Eventful is a website and service that has been around for a while, and one that I’ve used to stay on top of many of my favorite artist’s shows in my area. What this concert iPhone app does is essentially the same as what the website does, and while not much has changed, having it accessible from your portable device is a massive improvement over needing to pull out a computer and sign in.

For those that are unfamiliar with the Eventful formula, what it does is simple: Enter a list of your favorite artists/bands/songs/albums, and Eventful takes stock of them, searching their database for tour dates and shows that may be coming in your area. Additionally, if you’ve created an account, it will send you e-mail notifications whenever one of the artists on your list is coming to your area, essentially eliminating the need to keep track of every band separately. It’s incredibly helpful for people with more than just one or two favorite artists, and shortens search times tenfold.

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The ‘Concerts App’ for iPhone covers a bit of the same ground as Eventful does, but it also adds another feature while watering down the aforementioned ones: The ability to snap photos while at a concert and upload them to a database of the particular concert you’re at. This means that, if you’re at a concert, you can take a photo while you’re still at the show, and then anyone else at the concert who has the app can look at your photo while they’re still present as well. Essentially it gives you a myriad of viewpoints to see the show in, and it saves your experience for many years to come, ensuring you’ll never forget that one time you saw Linkin Park and the guy behind you spilled beer all over your shirt (though perhaps that’s one you’d want to forget). In any case Concerts definitely stands its ground as one of the best concert iPhone apps.

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Other Apps, Features, and Options

While I’ve only given you two particular apps in this “list” (which isn’t much of a list at all!), the fact of the matter is that these two apps cover everything you’ll need to follow and cover concerts. They include dates, reviews, photos, previews, and are all available in the palm of your hand via iPhone. Sure, there are other apps (such as ‘BandsInTown’ or the ‘iLike’ app), but for the most part these concert iPhone apps do the same thing that ‘Eventful’ and ‘Concerts’ do, only with a few less features here and there. Feel more than free to check them out if you so desire, but chances are you’ll choose these two over anything else you’ll find at the end of the day.

Happy concert-going!