How to Access Your Home Computer by iPhone

How to Access Your Home Computer by iPhone
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How to Access Your Home Computer by iPhone

Having the possibility to remotely connect to your computer with your iPhone is certainly a great thing. In the App Store there are plenty of apps that can do the job, but today we are going to have a look at LogMeIn Ignition.

Among all the options, this app is certainly the best and most secure on the App Store to remotely connect to your machine and with the latest update the developers added some really useful features.

So, let’s get started!

Downloading LogMeIn Ignition on Your iPhone

In order to be able to remotely control your computer from your iPhone, first go to the App Store (either on your computer or directly from your iPhone - Download Link and search for “LogMeIn Ignition). The app is universal, so that means you can download it once and use it both on your iPhone and your iPad. The application costs $29.99, but if you need to be able to remotely access your machine from wherever you are in the world, this is what you need.

Downloading and Installing the Mac/PC Client

In order to make the connection work, you also need a client for your Mac or PC. To get it go to the official LogMeIn web site at this address. On the right of the page you will see the label “Get Started Now”. By clicking there, you will be brought to a registration/login form that looks like the one below.

After this simple registration/login process, you will be able to download the client. The web site will recognize which operating system you are using, and provide the download of the matching client.

Once the download is finished, continue with the installation by following the instructions on screen. Only a few steps are required.

When the installation process is finished, open the client and be sure to click on the button on the left corner in order to activate the client, making the connection possible.

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Setting Up the Connection

The work on the computer is now finished. You can now grab your iPhone to complete the connection.

To do so, open the LogMeIn Ignition app you downloaded before. The first time you open the app, you will see a screen like this one.


Here you have to input your account details, the one you created before downloading the client on your Mac or PC. Doing this will bring you to the following screen, where all the available computers are listed. To add a computer to your list, download the client on all the Macs or PCs you want to enable.

To start a connection there are few requirements:

- the Mac/PC you want to control must be on.

- the LogMeIn client must be running.

Schermata 2011-04-03 a 16.07.36

If all these conditions are met, simply touch the name of the machine you want to control and the connection will start.

Schermata 2011-04-03 a 16.17.09


Despite all the efforts made by the developers, this app is still affected by some lag while you are remotely controlling your machine. But if you have been wondering how to access your home computer by iPhone then this is clearly what you need.

The other two downsides are the price, maybe a little high (although well worth it for frequent users) and the usability. Using this program on your iPhone screen is really limiting the experience and you won’t be able to do many things.

If you have an iPad I definitely recommend you use the LogMeIn app on this device, because you will be able to do much, much more.

If you need more assistance on this topic, leave a comment below.