Top Five iPhone Parenting Apps

Top Five iPhone Parenting Apps
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Best iPhone Parenting Apps

Rearing kids is not an easy task. Fortunately, for some of the most trivial parenting chores that we parents face, there is an app to help us get through. Our parents must be envious of our generation since we have several of these iPhone parenting apps that we can use to help us get through the day and successfully take care of our kids. Read on to find out whether you can use any of these iPhone parenting apps to your advantage and make the otherwise daunting task of raising kids an easier one.

Positive Parenting Practices I

The first app on our list of iPhone parenting apps is a pretty interesting one and based on the knowledge and teaching of Dr. Tom McIntyre, a former teacher of students with challenging behavior and learning disabilities at Hunter College of the City University New York. With that credential you can be pretty sure that all the helpful tips and information that this app gives you are accurate and applicable to children’s behavior. With this iPhone parenting app you’ll be able to understand the reasons behind your child’s actions and master the effective use of proven behavior change strategies. (Price: $3.99)

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kids checkup

Here’s what is being touted as the perfect parenting tool which is quite expected from an app designed by pediatric experts. This app provides answers to questions about your child’s health. Some questions answered by this app include - if your child’s condition is really an emergency, or whether you need more information about your child’s sickness. In other words, KidsCheckup tells you when your child, given their current condition merits a check up with your family doctor. The app explains symptoms and gives tips which are easy to understand. The app also has other features including maps to more than 50 Cook Children’s locations, contact information and a visual tour of a medical facility. (Price: Free)

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Here’s a pretty useful iPhone parenting app that gives you a most kid-friendly way of tracking and reviewing your children’s behavior. What you’ll appreciate about this app is the fact that it has an interface which will surely catch the attention of your kids even at a distance. The app also uses distinctive sounds that your kids will easily understand. The app gives you a list of your children’s most recent and most frequent behaviors. It also lets you add or search for specific behaviors and lets you track that behavior as exhibited by your children. You can then use this list for reinforcing a good behavior or making them rethink their bad behavior. (Price: $0.99)

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hAPPy family

happy family

The best feature about this app is the fact that it was created by a mom and former elementary school counselor. So you can rest assured that the information and the tips you’ll get from the app are reliable and based on the developer’s first hand experience of dealing with children’s behavior. This is an engaging, unique and fun iPhone parenting app based on a simple reward idea. Your child selects from five collecting themes - marbles, bugs, ocean, animals, candy or treasures. You then assign the number of images that your child needs to collect before you give them a reward. (Price: $0.99)

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Here’s a simple app that allows parents to set limits and enforce appropriate consequences to undesirable behavior. So that when your kids break the rules, you’ll give them the agreed logical consequences. The app features a grounded wheel of consequences, a mystery doors consequence game and more. (Price: $0.99)

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The Best iPhone Parenting App

There you go, five of the best iPhone parenting apps that you can find from the iTunes App Store. All five apps are useful and work great. Choose the one that best suits your needs. Any of these apps will help solve some of the parenting woes that you normally experience.