iPhone 4 16GB vs iPhone 4 32GB: Which iPhone Should You Get?

iPhone 4 16GB vs iPhone 4 32GB: Which iPhone Should You Get?
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Which is the Right iPhone 4 for You, 16GB or 32GB?

Since Apple introduced two variants of the iPhone 4 based on storage capacity, iPhone users were faced with a common dilemma when getting their new unit - will they get the lower-capacity model or the higher-capacity model? In the case of the iPhone 4, which one you should get, the iPhone 16GB vs 32GB?

The answer to this perennial question depends on various points. Two things always come out as the top two reasons: whether you have the extra money to spare; or whether you have the need for more storage. It may sound simple as answering this question either with a “yes” or a “no”. But your answers will still be swayed by various factors.

Let’s say that you have the money to spare, and you decide to buy the iPhone 4 32GB. But then later on, you’ll notice that you’re not consuming your iPhone 4’s storage to even half of its capacity. Did you make the wrong decision? The thing here is that the iPhone 4 is a long-term device; if you’re an average smartphone user, chances are your iPhone 4 will stay with you for years. So, it would be wise to have that extra storage, to last until you get tired of your iPhone 4, so you aren’t wishing for more iPhone storage, somewhere down the line.

iPhone 4 16GB vs iPhone 4 32GB - What are the Differences?


When it comes to differentiating the iPhone 16GB vs 32GB models, I could only think of two obvious differences - price and, obviously, storage capacity. But let us put this into perspective; how much can you really accommodate in a phone with 16GB and 32GB storage, especially for apps, photos, audios and videos. There is no exact answer to this, since it will depend on the sizes of the files, be it an app, video, photo or audio. If you really want to know, we can approximate the number of apps that the iPhone 4 can hold - 9 homescreens with 16 apps each, plus 4 apps on the bottom, adds up to 148 apps, provided that the file sizes of those apps ends up somewhere equal to 16GB. But that is if you don’t store any other files on it. For music with average file sizes, the iPhone 4 16GB can hold up to 5,000 music files. So multiply that by two, and you’ll be able to fit 10,000 songs into the iPhone 4 32GB.

But then of course these are just estimates. You can’t really tell exactly how many songs, videos, apps and photos you can store on an iPhone 4 16GB or 32GB. The number will vary from one user to another, depending on your preferences.

iPhone 4 16GB vs iPhone 4 32GB - Which One You Should Get?

So which phone wins in the iPhone 4 16GB vs. iPhone 4 32GB match? If you prefer to have extra space rather than find yourself running out of storage later on, then it will be safer to get the 32GB iPhone 4 instead of the 16GB model. But that is of course if you have the extra money to spare. One thing that you should keep in mind is that great games with great graphics demand more storage. So, if you’re planning to use your iPhone 4 for mobile gaming, it would be best to have a 32GB iPhone 4.

Likewise, if you will using your iPhone 4 for watching movies, listening to music or as a photo display device, again the higher capacity model is still a better choice.


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Image credit: Apple.com.