Top Rated Spanish Translation iPhone Apps

Top Rated Spanish Translation iPhone Apps
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iSpeak Spanish

The first iPhone app on our list of top rated Spanish translation iPhone apps is called - iSpeak. This app was designed to take mobile translation to a higher level of capability and quality. The app uses the highest quality text to speech synthesis that will speak the translated phrase back to you in the target language. With this powerful text-to-speech engine, the app is able to reproduce speech which is clear and spoken in perfect accent in the target language. In translating from English to Spanish or Spanish to English the app uses Google’s advanced translation service and also features a high quality English and Spanish voice. With all those features, iSpeak is a perfect travel companion and language learning tool. Other features of this iPhone app include - cut paste documents, articles, and e-mails into iSpeak to translate and have them read back, change the volume as well as speed of spoken text, save as many translations as you want, and more. (Price: $1.99)

Download iSpeak Spanish.

iStart Spanish (Full Beginner Course)

iStart Spanish!

Here’s an app that lets you review an iPhone Spanish language course effectively. It’s the only tutor-based Spanish language app on the App Store that helps you learn Spanish quickly and effectively. Taking you from scratch all the way to basic conversational Spanish, this app contains 50 lessons with many hours of high quality audio instruction conducted by three language professionals, two of whom are native Spanish speakers while the other one is an English native tutor. The app teaches you all the pronounciation basics, grammar, and vocabulary. What you will really appreciate about this iPhone app is its treatment of the subject of learning the Spanish language in a fun way - ensuring that you won’t get bored while you learn. Other features of this app include - full audio tutoring, great and useful program interface, “funware” that motivates you to make progress with the lessons, and more than 5,000 sound files. (Price: $4.99)

Download iStart Spanish (Full Beginner Course).

Spanish Phrasebook with Audio ~ Conversational Spanish

Spanish Phrasebook with Audio ~ Conversational Spanish

Want to always have Spanish phrases and vocab at your side? Grab this iPhone app now. This app gives you complete phrases with audio to help you learn the correct pronounciation and help you in communicating with native Spanish people if you happen to visit a Spanish-speaking country or when you are speaking to a Spanish speaker. Additionally, this app is also perfect for introductory and intermediate students of Spanish, whether you are in high school or college. If you already know how to speak Spanish, this iPhone app will enhance your skills some more. Other features of this app that make it stand out among other Spanish translation apps include - more than 800 words and phrases, more than 28 different categories such as Numbers, Directions, Expressions of time, Greetings, Farewells, Appreciation, Apologies, Pronouns, and more. (Price: $0.99)

Download Spanish Phrasebook with Audio - Conversational Spanish.

Spanish English Dictionary and Translator

Spanish English Dictionary and Translator

This iPhone app is an easy to use, user friendly dictionary boasting more than 69,000 translation pairs. It gives you a fast browsing mode to enable scrolling, quick search in browse mode, searching mode with fast lookup engine, detailed view of the chosen word with phrases, word linking in detailed view, history in detailed view, copy functionality, accentuation independent search, Google translate, settings with color schemes, landscape orientation support, favorites, and more. (Price: $1.99)

Download Spanish English Dictionary and Translator.

Pimsleur: Spanish 2Go

Pimsleur- Spanish 2Go

Finally, in this review of iPhone Spanish language course apps, we have Spanish 2Go, an essential iPhone Spanish app for beginners which claims to be the most effective language learning program ever developed. The app features quick and easy access and practice sessions. Some of the major features of this app include - complete 30-minute Spanish lesson, 11 essential travel conversations, native speakers for audio and more. (Price: $4.99)

Download Pimsleur: Spanish 2Go.


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