How to Move iPhone Icons: Rearranging the Home Screen

How to Move iPhone Icons: Rearranging the Home Screen
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Everything about the iPhone is designed for convenience and functionality. The home screen is no exception. iPhone app icons are displayed prominently on the home screen and the pages are easy to navigate. Don’t like the order of your apps on the home screen? Apple made it easy to rearrange the home screen and group apps into folders. This feature allows you to customize your home screen to your preference. Read on for step-by-step instructions on how to move app icons around and create folders.

How to Move iPhone Icons

Moving iPhone icons is easy once you learn how to do it. You can edit the home screen at any time without even entering a menu. As long as you are on your home screen (any page) you can move app icons by using the following steps:

  1. Press and hold the app icon you’d like to move. Keep holding until the icon starts to shake on the screen. You’ll notice that all other app icons are shaking on the screen as well. This means that you are in edit mode. Third-party apps that have been downloaded will also have an “x” appear on them. Pressing the x will delete the app from your phone.

Edit iPhone home screen

  1. While holding your finger down, drag your finger to the position you’d like the app to be moved to. Let go to release the app icon into position.

  2. To move the icon to a different page, drag the app icon to the edge of the page. Hold it at the edge of the page until the page changes.

Move iPhone icon to a new page

Create Folders to Group App Icons Together

With a recent iPhone software update, the ability to create folders was released. This feature keeps several apps stored together within a folder that is displayed as one icon on the iPhone. It is a great feature to store similar apps together and condense your home screen to fewer pages. You are able to create a folder with as little as two different apps; as many as 12 apps may be stored in 1 folder. Currently, the max number of folders that iPhone can create is 180.

To Create a Folder on iPhone:

  1. Press and hold one app icon that you’d like to make a folder with. Continue to hold down on the app icon until iPhone enters edit mode (app icons shake on the screen and those that can be deleted have a small ‘x’ in the corner).

Edit iPhone home screen

  1. While holding your finger down, drag the app on top of another app that you would like in the same folder and let go. iPhone automatically creates a folder and guesses the category name for your folder.

Create Folder on iPhone

  1. To add other apps to the folder, find them and drag them into the folder that was created.

  2. To rename a folder while in edit mode, tap the folder you’d like to change the name for. When the folder opens, the name of the folder will appear in a white text bar at the top. Tap in the bar to open the keyboard and edit the name.

Rename iPhone Folder


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