Best iPhone Text Message Organizer App

Best iPhone Text Message Organizer App
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First things first: Is it possible?

The iPhone is an incredibly robust piece of equipment. It can help you to tell time, make phone calls, play games, listen to music, watch movies, download files, read books– there is really no limit to what can be achieved on it. At least, we wouldn’t have thought there was a limit. After the fiasco surrounding the device due to dropped calls and faulty transmitting devices, complaints began to pop up across the Internet that people were having trouble with the iPhone. The most recent complaint that is going around is that people don’t like the way their text messages are organized, and as a result have been looking for new and improved ways of putting their messages in order. Unfortunately for them, I have some bad news: There is no direct way to re-organize your texts without jailbreaking your phone, and even then there’s no guarantee that things will work out for you.

The question then becomes, is there any indirect way to re-organize your texts? Well, once again the answer is pretty much no. Apple has built the iPhone in a way that makes it impossible to view/save texts in any way other than the conversation style they chose, so unless you enjoy viewing messages by person, you’re out of luck! There are, however, a few alternatives to the texting itself…

Google Voice

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Google Voice is a nifty texting application that allows users to use their Gmail or Google accounts to send SMS messages to other people’s phones, and catalogue the responses within the variety of G-services that the company offers. That means you can access these messages from a computer and forward them to your e-mail to store and organize however you like. This is a great solution to the problem of textual organization, but there is one issue: You need a 3G plan in order to do it. While you could do it from wireless access points around the world, this sort of defeats the purpose of texting in the first place, so you may want to take that into account before delving into Google Voice.

Set up your Google Voice account here.

Other Options

Other than Google Voice, your options for an all-in-one text organizer and… er… texter, are rather limited. You could go to the tried and true apps like Twitter and Facebook, but then you can only text those people who have Facebook or Twitter accounts, and, while this is helpful and easy to do, it’s not always practical.

Unfortunately, Apple has taken an annoying road in the text organizing battle, and while they may not know it, a lot of people are getting turned off to the iPhone because of this and other little things. Whichever method you choose to use- normal or Google Voice- I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for and have a happy texting experience from there on out.