The Best iPhone Chat Apps

The Best iPhone Chat Apps
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Colloquy is an IRC client for iPhone that connects users to multiple chat rooms. This iPhone chat app features multiple messaging styles and a large selection of graphical emoticons. Links in messages open using a built-in browser and there are quick commands for Google, Wikipedia and Amazon searches. Before replying to messages, you can view the user information of the member that posted the message. Also, you can search the chat room for members you have previously chatted to. The Colloquy app is available at the iTunes App Store for $1.99.


LimeChat iPhone App

Another IRC client for iPhone that supports multiple channels is LimeChat. It features a built-in browser for links in messages and an interface that displays user information. The app supports iOS4 multitasking, which keeps connections to chat rooms open for 10 minutes after the app goes into the background. While you are chatting in one room, events in another room are displayed with an arrow. Click the arrow to navigate between channels. Download the LimeChat app at the iTunes App Store for $4.99.


Chat-World iPhone App

Connect with users from around the world with Chat-World. This iPhone chat app doesn’t require an account. Simply select a temporary username and type your message. Those interested in what you have said will respond. Chat-World features several chat rooms that cater to different interests. For example, there are chat rooms for Singles, Gamers, and HipHop. There are rooms that are city specific, such as the New York, Miami, and Dallas rooms. You can also go international by chatting in the Europe or Asia rooms. Chat-World is a free app available at the iTunes App Store.

BeejiveIM for Facebook Chat

BeejiveIM for Facebook Chat iPhone App

Take part in Facebook chat from your iPhone with the BeejiveIM for Facebook Chat app. It supports native Facebook emoticons and real-time chats. Engage in multiple chat sessions simultaneously and switch back and forth effortlessly. You can save your chat history by emailing the chat log. With this app, you can sort, group, and search through the buddy list. The app will send a notification to you when you receive a new message. Download the free BeejiveIM for Facebook Chat app at the iTunes App Store.


Meebo iPhone App

Meebo supports over a hundred instant messaging networks including Facebook, AIM, Yahoo!, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, and MySpace. Have multiple chat sessions open and switch between them with a swipe of the touchscreen. You can search through the chat history and buddy list. All the emoticons available on the Meebo website are available with this app. You can open links in messages with the built-in web browser. Meebo is a free app that can be downloaded at the iTunes App Store.


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