How to Connect iPhone to Home Network via Bluetooth

How to Connect iPhone to Home Network via Bluetooth
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Using Bluetooth on the iPhone

While it’s not the newest technology ever, Bluetooth has become steadily more popular as the years roll by because of how easy and convenient it is for people to use. It’s wireless, quick, and isn’t particularly hard to access after getting it set up initially. Most wireless devices support Bluetooth in this day and age, and some of the biggest uses are things like car stereos and wireless headphones and headsets. These things are great, sure, but can you do more? Unfortunately, the answer here is no.

File transfers and syncs are not yet possible on the iPhone, but you can still connect your iPhone to a home network via Bluetooth. This little article will describe just that: How to connect iPhone to home network via Bluetooth.

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth

This is by far the easiest step:

Simply go to your iPhone’s settings (Settings > General > Bluetooth) and then switch it to “On”. Specifically, click “Settings” on the main menu, followed by “General” and then lastly, click “Bluetooth”. This is the first, but also the most important step.

Step 2: Sync to your computer

It’s very important that you follow this part very carefully. If not, the sync will not work.

While keeping the Bluetooth menu open on the iPhone, go to your computer’s Bluetooth menu (located in different areas depending on the computer) and select something to the effect of “Setup Bluetooth Device”. After this, your computer should automatically scan for transmitting Bluetooth devices, and it should pick up your iPhone pretty quickly.

Step 3: Add the device


While it seems obvious enough (considering the computer-given instructions are very plainly laid out), next click “Add” in order to connect the computer to your iPhone. After this, things get a bit more complex.

A number will show up that you must enter in your iPhone. While the menu to type this in will generally show up on its own, occasionally it won’t which means you must restart the Bluetooth process. After entering the number, click “Accept” (or something to that effect) and then wait a few moments. Your iPhone should sync up pretty quickly.

Potential problems

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One of the most common problems people run into is that they forget to leave their iPhone on the Bluetooth menu while attempting the sync the device (Step 2). If you know you did this and you’re still having trouble, consider the type of computer you have. If it’s a very old computer, you may not have Bluetooth capabilities. Call your computer manufacturer for details on things like this.

Once again, you cannot control or even do much aside from view your home network by connecting your iPhone to it. Unfortunately, Apple has not made this possible, and may never make it possible in the future.

Note: This method has been tested and proven to work with Macintosh computers. If you do not have a Macintosh computer, steps may be different and you may run into more issues.


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