Review of Globetimer: Best World Clock App for iPhone

Review of Globetimer: Best World Clock App for iPhone
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World Clock apps have been with phones ever since small Java apps made their way onto regular cell phones just after the millennium. For most people, they were a cool little discovery upon using the phone for the first couple of times and may have even come in useful when deciding whether or not to call a relative living abroad.

That said, they were fairly two dimensional and rarely really became a prominent tool on our phones. Now, new apps are emerging for the iPhone which improve greatly on the first generation of world clock apps. As someone who works with people all around the world, both in person and online, this app has been of great use to me and I definitely think it is the best world clock for iPhone.

GlobeTimer - Review

GlobeTimer is a fantastic world clock app for the iPhone which incorporates some great animation features and uses the sheer power of the iPhone to perform some cool tricks. Here are some of the things this handy app can do:

  • You can see the time of day anywhere in the world.

  • It is the only app that simultaneously displays all the world’s timezones at once in an easy-to-read format. See how it looks below!

  • You can easily check multiple timezones in relation to your own and also see the time difference from the perspective of other nations.

  • The app also has a cool feature which shows you which parts of the world should be sleeping, working, awake etc…

  • You can have favorite cities and tag them with your friends and colleagues who live there for ease of use.

  • Change how the app looks and set the clock to either 12 or 24 hours.

  • Daylight Savings updates from around the world are applied automatically.

  • You can follow the earth’s journey around the sun and see where it’s shining directly at any given moment.

  • Check out the relation between time and space and how it is calculated using the cosmos.

Final Thoughts About the App

The design of the app is very good. All the imagery is sharp and the instruments you can see above look very nice. I was very impressed with how the app functioned and its responsiveness to my commands.

GlobeTimer is without a doubt the most definitive of all apps available when it comes to the world clock. It serves the basic function of telling you what time it is anywhere, but as you can see from above it also helps you with so many other productivity related tasks. I found it to be a great help when choosing the best time for online meetings and telephone calls as well as simply deciding what time would be best to call relatives abroad.

At just $4.99 this app is a must for web-workers, travelers and those with family and friends abroad. Check it out here.