Guide to Install an iPhone HTC Theme

Guide to Install an iPhone HTC Theme
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Easier Than It Sounds

You may think that skinning your iPhone and changing the entire UI to make it look like an HTC smartphone will be a hard task, well it isn’t quite as

hard as it sounds.

Will your iPhone end up looking identical to an HTC device? Not exactly. Will it have a cool and sleek hybrid feel to it which gives it a complete update of sounds, color themes, background, lock screen and even a live updating HTC clock and weather widget? Yes it will. This guide will help you turn your iPhone into a decent looking HTC-esque device which will truly change your iOS experience.

It might not be the best theme in the entire world, but this theme is worth keeping and does not clutter your device like some other themes. In order for this theme to work you will need to have a jailbroken iPhone with Cydia installed. Learn all about jailbreaking in The Complete Guide to Jailbreaking.

Preparing Your iPhone

To begin, launch Cydia to install a few necessary packages for the skinning process:

  1. Launch Cydia. Tap the brown Cydia icon on the home screen to launch the Cydia package manager. Choose

    HTC Theme Lockscreen

    the Search option on the bottom navigation bar of Cydia.

  2. Install Winterboard. Search for Winterboard. Tap the package and choose Install in the top right corner.

  3. Download iBlank. Search for iBlank. Tap iBlank and choose Install.

  4. Download SpringJumps. Search for SpringJumps and install it by tapping the Install icon.

  5. Configure Winterboard. Launch Winterboard by tapping the Winterboard icon on the iPhone home screen. Ensure that the option for Summerboard Mode is enabled. Return to the home screen by pressing the home button. Launch Cydia again.

  6. Search for HTC Eris Green Chrome. Search for the package, HTC Eris Green Chrome and download and install the package.

Configure Theme

Configuring the theme is one of the more challenging parts of this process, however, the results are very rewarding.

  1. Enable the theme. Launch Winterboard. Choose Select Themes and tap anything that is checked to uncheck it. Now select only GreenChromeHTC and No Page or Search Dots. Press the home button to respring the device and return to the home screen.
  2. Create Blanks. Launch iBlank from the home screen and choose twelve, allow the application to create twelve blank icons.
  3. Rearrange icons. Page one of the screen should be all basic system icons such as calculator, notepad, etc. Page two should be one blank icon and nothing more. On page three, your primary home screen - place twelve blank icons at the top. Place four basic applications below that.
  4. Arrange the system dock. To configure the dock. place the Phone, Music and Mail applications in the dock. Drag the phone to the left, place one blank icon and then the music icon, another blank icon and finally the mail icon.
  5. Create Springjumps. Launch Springjumps and create two new jumps. One should go to page six and the other to page three. Use any icon you prefer, the folder icon without any color blends well.
  6. Place Springjumps. Place the Springjump which goes to page six on page three. Place the jump to page three as the first icon on page six. Remember to place another blank icon on page five to enable page six.

Utilizing the Theme

Now the basic theme is in place, where you go from here is up to you. There are a few suggestions that can help to make this theme

HTC Theme

look even better and we recommend the following:

  • Install Lockscreen for Cydia. Choose the disable Lockscreen Clock option and this will make the theme look much better with the lockscreen clock located at the bottom, and no clock at the top. You can also have notifications, emails and calendar items displayed on the lockscreen.
  • Configure the configureme file located in the themes folder via WinSCP. This will enable your own zip code for the weather widget on the home screen.
  • Change icons or create custom icons. Drag and drop them to the theme folder via WinSCP and respring for them to take effect.

If you have any comments, requests or general feedback - please leave a comment! We listen and reply!