How Do I Put Images into a Folder on Imageviewer for iPhone?

How Do I Put Images into a Folder on Imageviewer for iPhone?
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Using Imageviewer on an iPhone

Imageviewer for iPhone lets you to browse through your favorite pictures while you are on the go. If you are wondering how to put images into a folder on Imageviewer for the iPhone here’s how. You can easily organize and group a number of pictures under a single folder and iTunes can help you do this. But before we begin, you should back up all the pictures that are already on your iPhone into your computer, or else they will be overwritten. Think of your iPhone as a digital camera and proceed with these steps.


  • If you own an iPhone and would like to sync pictures to it via iTunes, then you must first guide iTunes on where to locate the pictures. So, navigate to the Pictures folder on your computer from the Start menu and create a new folder with the name of ‘Images’. Drag and drop pictures from various locations on your computer to this folder.

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable and launch iTunes.

  • On the left side bar under Devices, you will see an iPhone icon. Double click on it.

  • Then click on the ‘Photos’ tab located at the top center.

    photos tab

  • Checkmark ‘Sync Photos From’ from the available options and from the drop down menu, select the ‘Pictures’ folder.

  • Next, check the ‘Images’ folder in which you placed all the images and click Sync.

Once you select a folder, you can sync all the images from that folder to your iPhone and then drag them into a folder on Imageviewer. If you want to organize your pictures even further, you can make subfolders in the ‘Images’ folder and sync only specific pictures that you want to put into the folder on Imageviewer for iPhone. These subfolders will appear as albums in iTunes that you can choose or leave, depending on whether you want them to sync or not.

For instance, you create a subfolder named ‘kids’ within your main images folder. Then copy and paste all the pictures that belong to your kids into this folder. Now, when you checkmark ‘sync photos from’ from under the Photos tab, the ‘kids’ subfolder will show up on iTunes as an album under ‘Images’ with a checkmark box next to it. Simply check or uncheck the box depending on whether you want to sync the folder or not. Keep in mind that this only works for one level of sub folders. A folder within a sub folder will not show up in iTunes.

Another way of putting pictures into the folder on Imageviewer is by emailing the pictures to yourself. Send an email to your iPhone, tap to open the images and hold your finger on the images until the ‘Save Image’ menu pops up. Next, save the images and drag and drop (or copy and paste) them into the folder on Imageviewer for iPhone.