iPhone Volume Control Guide

iPhone Volume Control Guide
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There are several different ways to control iPhone volume. The method you use will depend on which type of volume control you wish to adjust. iPhone volume can be adjusted from the settings menu or using the volume shortcut buttons on the side of the iPhone.

To Change iPhone Volume from Settings Menu:

  1. Open Settings.

  2. While in the Settings menu, find “Sounds”. Open the Sounds menu.

  3. Using the slide bar, adjust to the desired ringer and alert volume. As soon as you begin to adjust the volume, your ringtone will play so that you can hear the volume level. Once a desired volume is reached, press the home button to return to the home screen.

To Change Volume Using Shortcut Buttons:

To adjust the volume without having to enter the Settings menu, simply use the iPhone volume buttons located on the side of the phone. If you are looking at your phone, the volume shortcut buttons are located along the top left side of the phone. The top button will turn the volume up and the bottom button will turn the volume down.

To Adjust iPhone Call Volume:

The call volume must be adjusted while you are on a call. Use the volume buttons on the left side of the phone to adjust the volume up and down as desired.

Lock Volume on iPhone

Having trouble with accidentally turning your ringer up or down? To avoid this, you can lock the volume on iPhone so that the shortcut buttons won’t change the volume settings. This will prevent you from unknowingly adjusting your ringer volume with the shortcut buttons. There are two ways on iPhone to lock the volume control function:

  1. Lock the screen by pressing the top button on iPhone. When the screen is locked (as shown below), the shortcut buttons will not work to adjust the volume.

Locked iPhone Screen

  1. The volume shortcut buttons can be disabled from the shortcut menu. When this option is used the volume shortcut buttons will not work whether the screen is locked or not. To disable the volume buttons, open the Settings menu and locate “Sounds”. In the Sounds options, underneath the “Ringers and Alerts” section is a “Change with Buttons” option. Turn the switch to OFF (as shown below). This will only prevent the volume buttons from adjusting the volume of the ringer and alerts. You will still be able to use the buttons to adjust call volume.

iPhone Ringer Volume - Adjust with Buttons - OFF

Lock Volume on iPhone’s iPod

The iPod app on iPhone has options that allow you to lock the volume level. This option will only set a volume limit for the iPod app. Go to the Settings menu and open the “iPod” options.

iPod setting menu

Select “Volume Limit”. A new menu screen will open (see below for screenshot). Adjust the slider bar to the maximum volume you’d like allowed for your iPod app. When the desired maximum volume is selected press “Lock Volume Limit”.

Set/Lock iPod Volume Limit

After locking the volume limit, you will be prompted to enter a code. Select a four digit code that must be used when you wish to unlock the volume limit for the iPod app.

iPhone - Volume Limit Code