Best Toddler Apps for iPhone

Best Toddler Apps for iPhone
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Toddler Teasers Quizzing

With over a million downloads, Toddler Teasers Quizzing $0.99 (UK version £0.59) and others in its series have proved extremely popular and produced amazing results among toddlers. With a voiceover, if your toddler hits an incorrect answer it will reinforce the item they hit and ask for the correct answer again. This app teaches shapes, numbers, letters and colors. With colourful graphics to keep little ones engaged and reward stickers for continued play, parents have found, and commented, in countless reviews that their child has learned from this app. Why not try the free trial verson which is based on shapes here.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox $0.99 (UK version 0.59) is definitely education dressed as fun, with six fun games to learn by recognition and repetition including:

  • Counting teaches numbers and counting.
  • Colours teaches colors, color names, and grouping.
  • Letters teaches letters and their sounds.
  • Matching teaches recognition on matching pairs.
  • Puzzle teaches shapes and pattern recognition.
  • Spot the Difference teaches patterns and big and small differences.

Each game is played with an animated monkey who helps out during play. The whole app from the opening has been designed for preschool ages 2 to 5 so, along with the animation, there are sounds and music whilst in play and the end of one game will start another. The game itself encourages learning in the areas above and in a way your toddler will love.

Toddler Time! French

Toddler Time French

Now this is a bit more specialised but with your child at an age where they are absorbing information like a sponge, what better time to introduce them to a foreign language? Toddler Time! French $1.99 (UK version £1.19) is an educational iPhone app designed for toddlers aged 2-4 to learn by flashcard and voiceover, encouraging them to repeat the words in four categories; colors, numbers, shapes and zoo animals.

TeachMe: Toddler

TeachMe Toddler

TeachMe: Toddler $0.99 (UK version £0.59) is another great tool designed to keep your child entertained while they are learning letters (upper and lower case), ABC phonics, numbers 1-20, counting 1-10 and colors with Mimi Mouse. What is great about this app, aside from how toddler friendly the interface is, is how you can store the history so you can see how your child is doing. This is for up to four children, with variable difficulty levels and parents can choose which subjects they want the toddler to focus on. Again a reward system is in place to keep your child motivated in terms of stickers which can be put against different backgrounds or you can change this to coins.

Another great child friendly iPhone app which produces results as well as entertainment.

Shape Builder - the Preschool Learning Puzzle Game

Shape Builder

Shape Builder $0.99 (UK version £0.59) is a brilliant educational iPhone app aimed at encouraging cognitive thinking and fine motor skills in the 3-6 age range, as well as exposing young minds to new musical instruments, animals, produce, objects and the alphabet. There are 146 puzzles each with 5-10 pieces, and once the puzzle is completed the image will reveal itself and the voiceover will tell them what it is.

The educational aspect of this app is excellent and it isn’t as limiting as some can be. A must for those thirsty young minds. The free trial is also available here.

Peekaboo Barn

Peekaboo Barn

Peekaboo Barn $1.99 (UK version £1.19) is a colourful, fun, animated app which can help to develop skills such as recognition of animals and the sounds they make. This iPhone app for toddlers also teaches cause and effect with the option to open the barn doors for the animals to pop out to surprise them. Older children they will love guessing the animal based on the sound they make and it can help literacy skills with the names of the animals.

Developed by educators this app won the Best Toddler App Ever award for 2009 and is still extremely popular due to the skills it can help teach your little one.

Old MacDonald

Old MacDonald

The interactive sing along musical sorting game with a farm theme is bound to engage your child from the age of 1. Old MacDonald $0.99 (UK version £0.59) can help build fine motor skills in the very young with the drag and drop sorting game where the little ones spin the animal wheel and pick the animals which belong on the farm. They will also develop animal recognition skills and learn their sounds, and preschool spelling skills are encouraged too. A friendly narrator helps them through the game and encourages learning via repetition.

Read Me Stories - Children’s books

Read Me Stories

It is a well known fact that reading each day with your child develops good reading habits. The free Read Me Stories app (UK version) is great to have for your toddler who will learn new words, how to pronounce them and learn new concepts. With a new fun and vibrant book each day and an enthusiastic narrator, the stories and the engaging graphics will have your child enchanted, choose from titles such as Is the Moon Made of Cheese?, The Not So Scary Scarecrow, and There’s a Bear in my Bed. You can also keep your child’s favourite books to read over again. Whether reading with them or using the distraction for car journeys your child will love this app.

Giraffe’s Matching Zoo

Giraffe Matching Zoo

Giraffe’s Matching Zoo is a free mind development game encouraging your child’s recognition skills and concentration by challenging them to match up animals. Each animal has a sound effect so children will learn to associate the sound and animal together in friendly, engaging graphics. As well as this, completion times are saved even after the app is closed so you can see your child improve over time, proving that they are in fact benefiting from this fun and slightly addictive game!

TouchyBooks for Kids


Following on from Read Me Stories, here is another option to get your young child enthusiastic about books and reading. TouchyBooks for Kids is a free collection of interactive stories set to make reading a fun two way experience. As well as being interactive when they touch the screen, your child can read and listen to their favorite stories in other languages as well. A brilliant reading app to keep your child’s attention.

If you have an educational, fun iPhone app you’d recommend for the preschool age just leave a comment.