HTC Aria User Guide

HTC Aria User Guide
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The first thing to do when beginning to use the HTC Aria is to ensure the data is functioning properly. The Aria operates and updates from data services on the device. To ensure the Aria operating system is at the peak performance, making certain the data is operational is the first step. Check the connection by clicking “Menu” and selecting “Settings.” Click “Wireless & Networks” and place a check mark in the box next to the “Mobile Network” option.

Listen to the FM Radio

The FM Radio allows you to listen to all your favorite stations streaming on your device. However, unlike listening to music on the external speakers, the FM Radio requires you to connect a headset to your phone audio jack. Click “Home” and click the up arrow key. Select “FM Radio and allow it to scan for stations. To repeat the scanning and get additional channels, press “Menu” and choose “Scan & Save.” To stop the scan, press the “Back” button. You can also name your favorite stations to find them easily by clicking on the station and clicking the “+” button. Type a name for the station and click “Save.”

How to put music on an HTC Aria

The Aria has a music application that allows you to listen to songs, create playlists and copy music to your storage card. However, in order to listen to songs on the Aria, they must be copied to the SD storage card. Add music to the Aria by plugging in the USB cord into the computer and then plug the other end into the device. On the Aria screen tap the top of the screen and choose “Mount as Disk Drive.” On the computer, open the “My Computer” folder and find the “HTC Aria” drive. Open the drive and locate the “DCIM” folder. Locate “100 Media” and open it. Locate the songs on the computer. Drag the song from the computer to the “100 Media” folder. Remove the USB cord and locate the song on the device by clicking the “Application” button and clicking the “Music” icon. Choose “List” and find your song. Click “Play”.

You can also add music to the playlist on the Aria by clicking “Home” and pressing the up arrow key. Click “Music” and press the three horizontal lines button on the left bottom corner of the screen. Click “Add Playlist” to create an album of customized lists of songs on your new Aria. Type a name for the album by clicking in the “Name” field. Click “Add Songs to Playlist.” Choose a category type for the album to view the list of songs in that genre. Place a check in the box next to the songs you want on your Aria. Click “Add” and select “Save”.

Share Music via Bluetooth

The HTC Aria has a unique feature that allows you to share your favorite music with another person. The music can be sent to another phone or even to a computer. To initiate the transfer of music via Bluetooth, click the “Home” key and choose the up arrow key. Click “Music” and press the “List” icon. Click a song that you want to share and click “Play.” While it is playing, click “Menu,” choose “Share” and select “Bluetooth.” Follow the instructions on screen to send the music.

Delete Sim Contacts

The contacts on the SIM card cannot be edited. These contacts are also harder to manage because of the way the SIM card saves the contacts. Delete the SIM contacts by clicking the “Contact” icon and choosing “Menu.” Click “View” and select “Sim Only.” Press “Menu” again and choose “Delete.” Place a check next to the contact you want deleted. Press “Save” to finalize the deletion of the contacts.

Synchronize the HTC Aria

The Aria is capable of synchronizing more than just contacts. The Aria is compatible with the HTC Sync application for wired synchronization. However, most people prefer wireless synchronizing to applications such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Exchange ActiveSync. To synchronize wirelessly, select “Home” and click “Menu.” Click “Settings” and choose “Accounts & Sync.” Select “Add Account” and click on the type of account to synchronize to the device. Follow the directions on the screen to finish synchronizing the account to the Aria.

Reset HTC Aria Lock Pattern

If you ever forget your lock pattern on your HTC Aria, you must reset the phone because unfortunately there is no way to bypass the lock pattern. When you reset the phone, you will reset everything in the phone to factory settings. This means you will lose everything that was once in the phone. As a last resort if you can’t remember what the lock pattern is, reset the phone by turning the phone off. Press and hold the “Down” volume key. While holding this key, press the “Power” key for one second. Wait for the little green man to come on your screen. Once you see him, release the “Down” volume button. Press the “Down” volume button again and click “Clear Storage.” Press the Power button and select “Factory Reset” by pressing the “Up” volume key to highlight it. The phone will turn off and turn back on. When it comes back on, you can setup a new lock pattern.